Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's a Wild Wild World

                                                             This coming term our team will be exploring Living/Non LIving and Animals/Plants and I can't wait.
I have already completed a unit on Farm Animals and now I have this one on It's a Wild Wild World.
This has references to our Australian Curiculum as well as USA Common Core.
The pack contains 63 pages. There are 7 pages to use to establish a word wall.
A KWHL to record what your students know and want to know.
Pages to  record what you know about jungle animals and then use this in the writing.
Use the matrix to gather data on animals and what they eat, where they live and what coverings they have.

Your students will learn to take 
notes and record facts.
Learn to write an information report, record your opinions and compose narratives about animals geting loose.

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