Da-da new blog design...

I am so excited to announce and introduce my new blog design

Megan from 

A Bird in Hand Designs

is the most amazing designer and she was so 

- patient
- helpful
- supportive
- reliable
- amazing 
- accommodating
- artistic
- knowledgeable
- did I say amazing? 

I am so in love with my new design and I also have a facebook cover, button, TPT banner, watermarks, pinning button, return to top, headers, papers, business card, signature  - she is amazing!

Happy 3rd blogversary to me!

Prawn Plate

My friend over at Mrs Poultney's Ponderings has started a food linky for teachers to give you inspiration to eat well and be ready for the busy school week ahead

Paula’s Prawn Plate…hehehe
This is my go to salad in summer, but even in winter it is easy to make and just as enjoyable with your fav glass of wine
Not that long ago mangoes and avocados were seasonal – but not any longer, so this can be made all year round
It is my bit of sunshine in the middle of winter
On a platter place lettuce to cover the bottom of the plate
Then scatter shelled and tailed prawns – as many as you want
Then add cubed avocado, mango and fetta
Top with macadamias
I add a dressing – usually a store bought one like thousand island
Share with friends or family or keep it to yourself!

This is a meal on its own – or enjoy with a steak

Teacher Tip - Core Drawers

I have had these core drawers for a while and was never satisfied with how I stored my 'stuff'.
The kids found it hard to locate and put things away until I decided to give them a face lift with clip art and fonts I love. 

Now we can locate things very easily and if I need to change the contents because of a  new focus - it is easy to remove the label and replace with a new one. 

What I love about them too - is that if a group need a drawer, they just take it and put it back when they are done. 

Now everything has a place.

Five for Fri - 24th July


Here are my five randoms for this week

A spot of inference work this week...

Some reciprocal reading...

Some washi tape organising....


Our daughter turned 18...
Mum and Dad came for a visit...

Big party night....


This is my daughter aged 4 (Immy is in dark pink) and her best friend Courtney and then here they are 14 years later just before heading off to lose money at the pokies! Immy is in the background. They have both been lovely babies, toddlers, teens and now 18 year olds.

Here are some snaps from Immy's birthday party.

 Have a great week everyone.

Five for Fri - 17th July


Here are my five randoms for this week


I started these packs during recent school breaks. 
Now that school is back, I only get to work on these on the weekend - so slow progress...
What captivates me about making these are the design aspects that make the pack not only challenging for kids, but engaging to use. 
I used to scrapbook for hours with my photos and take hours with the journal aspect in recording quotes, notes and ideas. 
I would scour Scrapbook shops for hours looking for the right papers, stickers and embellishments. 
We have some great shops for that in our town (but I had even started to search online -  sshhhh) I have a whole cupboard of that stuff in our study...

However, since I started creating digital packs of work I have not scrap booked. I spend much less time on digital creating than I would ever have spent on scrap booking - so what has me hooked? 

Searching for digital papers, digital clip art, fonts galore and the design aspect for this sort of creating. Checking copyright, engaging with other online teachers and actually meeting them. 

Watch this space! Maybe I will finish one this weekend.


This one has been in my to do folder for over a year!! 

This one even longer.


I have mentioned this before - my two kids and I are off to the USA in November/December and we are finalising our accommodation in New York. Rooms sorted for LA and Las Vegas. As there are three of us, we are after a room that is a bit more than a room - so still searching...can't wait.

Working on angles this week . Looking in picture books to measure some angles - our kids loved this

 Then some more formal measuring and recording what types of angle in a Read the Room task. 

Then a bit of fun with some contraction caterpillars. 


Last night Tony and I went out for a meal and we decided to go to one of the many places in town. We have so many choices here. This photo is quite dark, low lighting and we had a great meal. Now that our kids are older, we get to have a bit more time together.

This coming week we have student interviews for parents on Monday and Tuesday night, I am working on a Maths Curriculum, it is our daughter's 18th on Friday and my parents will be visiting. 
Happy weekend everyone.
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