The 26th of January is Australia Day.
To help out my fellow Aussie teachers I have some items marked down to 50% for two days only.

Hello new followers...

Happy New Year everyone and may 2017 be amazing for us all.

I have so many new followers that I thought I would take the opportunity to re introduce myself to you..

I'm Paula from Paula's Place and have been teaching for a looonnnng time! I love my job, it is different every day and we never never stop learning.

I grew up in NSW in a town called Murwillumbah. I went to Teachers College in NSW too.
I started teaching in the mid 80s (yes a loooonng time ago) and taught in a large country school in Queensland. I spent three years teaching in Biloela. This is where I met my husband.

We moved to Victoria, where we both teach in schools in Ballarat. We have two kids - both at Uni.
I love to travel and have been fortunate in the last six years to go to America, Fiji, Malaysia, Bali and Singapore.


I am currently on a road trip with my daughter - we have travelled from Ballarat to Northern NSW to see family and we will be off to Brisbane on Wednesday, then Noosa, Coffs Harbour, Canberra and then home.  This is a great way to spend our summer break.

I have taught every year level and in the last six years have taught Prep for three years, 5/6, 3/4 for two years and now I'm heading back to 5/6. In 31 years I have either moved schools and/or classrooms every year! (I'm pretty good at packing and setting up).

I got into blogging in 2010 as a way of recording and sharing my learning space. 
Colleagues convinced me to put my work on TpT in 2011 and I have loved every part of this amazing journey. I have met so many teachers through this and have made some great friends around the world. 

My TpT store has been a passion of mine and I love the design process of each product and matching it to the learning needs of my students. There are products that go from K-6.

Other links to see what I do are 

I forgot to mention I am addicted to a big way. I refuse to count them, as I could incriminate myself. 

Have a great summer everyone in the Southern Hemisphere and our Northern Hemisphere followers  keep warm and safe. 

Class Coupons

I have created these class coupons to use with my grade this year. They are extremely motivating and the kids love earning them. 

Coupon Pack (with Raffle Tickets)
68 pages

This Coupon Pack (with Raffle Tickets) contains the following coupons in color and in black and white. The black and white version can be copied onto colored card or paper. See photos on the next page. I do laminate the coupons.

Comedy Gig- tell a joke, riddle or knock knock each day for a week.
Desk Swap Gig - swap desks for a day
Drawing Gig – draw for an hour
Friend Gig – lunch with a friend
Game Gig – play a game for half an hour
Homework Gig – no homework for a week
Kinetic Gig – Kinetic sand for an hour
Letter Gig – a positive note home
Music Gig – listen to your music for an hour
Reading Gig – part of book of your choice
Seating Gig – sit away from your desk for a day
Share Gig – tell or share something 
Sock Gig – take your shoes off for the day
Sport Gig – run a game for the grade
Stationery Gig - use the special container of pens, pencils
Teacher Gig – eat with the teacher
Teacher Day Gig – run the room with the teacher 
Toy Gig – a special toy for the day
Treasure Gig – something from the treasure box
Writing Gig – writing of your choice

I have used coupons for two years and would not go back to any other management tool.

There are two ways I have used them.
The first method; notice when a student is doing the right thing and allow them to choose a coupon. They can then decide when they use it. 

The second method; when I see a student showing the values on the raffle tickets they get a raffle ticket. At the end of each week I draw out between 10-20 raffle tickets. Some students hold onto the Raffle Tickets and choose not to go in the draw. If they do get drawn out they swap it for a coupon.
I do not laminate the Raffle Tickets as the students write their names on the back for the drawing out on Friday. I do laminate the coupons.

Both ways have been effective in my room. 

This is how I store them for really super quick access. 

I have labels on the front and they work so well in identifying what we are after. 

Sea Theme Class Decor - all ready to print and go!

This Sea Themed Classroom Decor has been bundled for great savings. 

Each part can be purchased separately too.

Sea Theme – Classroom Décor Bundle Pack 592 pages 
 This pack contains 

  Number Posters 0-20 (Sea Theme) 40 pages These Number Posters 0-20 (Sea Theme) are great for displaying in your room. They will help with the concept of number – how to read them, how to spell them and how to order them. There are three size options for you to use. The smaller versions can be used as flash cards that can be put into numerical order. 

Alphabet Posters – Sea Theme 55 pages These Alphabet Posters – Sea Theme contain words which are great for displaying in your room. They are great for identifying starting sounds. There are two options – one is color and one is a ‘save your ink’ version. 

Behavior Clip Chart – Sea Theme 14 pages These Behavior Clip Chart – Sea Theme posters are for managing class behavior. There is a color and ’save my ink’ version. Use the colored strips to connect the charts for display. Use pegs with names on to move up and down the chart. Everyday make sure they all start back at Super Student. Use the editable name tags to add names. 

Birthday Charts 39 pages Birthday Charts for your classroom Sea Theme. There are two sizes available on this pack. Use the editable name tags to add names. 

Classroom Jobs – Sea Theme 65 pages This pack contains a Classroom Jobs – Sea Theme Use the editable name tags to add names. Print the version you need and use blutack to attach the names of students. Jobs included in this pack are - trash, rubbish, sweeper, teacher helper, snacks, papers, messenger, leader, lights, books, doors, boards, crayons, writing center/centre, pencils, science, sports, math, maths, hall pass, computers, art, inquiry, humanities, social studies, lunches, recycling, homework, pets and plants 

Color Posters – Sea Theme 39 pages These Color Posters – Sea Theme come in 2 different sizes and two color versions and are great for class display on bulletin boards or copied as flash cards to consolidate knowledge of color. Colors included are black, blue, brown, green, gray/grey, pink, orange, purple ,red, white, yellow 

Daily Calendar – Sea Theme 32 pages These Daily Calendar – Sea Theme will promote confidence by using a visual timetable, discussions about days, dates, seasons, months and special events. Print and laminate these items and then use an existing bulletin board to display them. Use Velcro dots to attach the correct parts for each day. Or attach magnets for a whiteboard. Editable 

Name Tags – Sea Theme 9 pages These Editable Name Tags – Sea Theme allow you to choose your own font and add your grade’s names. Download or use a font of your choice. On the powerpoint where is says add text – replace with your own set of names and fonts, adjust the size to suit the space. Place on tables, bag cubbies or wherever you need them for each student. 

Sea Theme Class Décor Extras 26 pages This Pack Sea Theme Class Décor Extras contains items to add value to the bundled pack. You will receive the following items… Birthday Card (girl and boy version) - Clock Numbers in minutes- Hall Pass - Learning - Intention Tags (Reading, Writing, Math and Maths)- Note paper (half page and full page versions)- Student of the week (two versions) - Ten Frames 

How do you go home? – Sea Theme 27pages How do you go home? – Sea Theme This is a clip chart to help track how your students go home each day. Use the editable name tags to add names. Attach the card strips to the bottom of each chart and then blutack the names on. You may choose to use pegs with names instead. 

English Tags – Sea Theme 75 pages English Tags – Sea Theme in 4 different sizes and two color schemes (color background and a save your ink version) For class display and use on - task boards - Literature Circles - Meet with the Teacher - Reciprocal Reading - Guided Reading - Read to Self - Read to Someone - Listening to Reading - Work with Words - Work on Writing 

Math Task Posters – Sea Theme 45 pages Math Task Posters – Sea Theme are in 4 different sizes for you to display in your classroom and use on your task boards. This set is color matched to my Classroom Décor – Sea Theme. The zipped file contains one pack with a Maths version and one pack with a Math version. There is a colour and ‘save my ink’ version for - Maths with the Teacher - Maths by Myself - Maths with Technology - Maths Writing - Maths Games- Maths with a Partner

Rotation and Group Tags – Sea Theme 45 pages This pack contains Rotation and Group Tags – Sea Theme in 2 different sizes. These posters are available in a clear background and a version that has a blue background. They are for class display and use on task boards. They include tags for Rotations for six tasks and Groups are in 8 colors. 

Table Numbers – Sea Theme 14 pages These Table Numbers – Sea Theme are great for displaying in your room. They will help distinguish each table. You can copy them twice and then back to back them prior to laminating. Then suspend them over your tables. The small circles – can be placed on pencil tubs, caddies and anywhere you need a small number for the group. Large Circles - these can be used as alternatives to the large suspended numbers. There are options – color and a ‘save your ink’ version. 

Word Wall Toppers – Sea Theme 67 pages These Word Wall Toppers – Sea Theme contain words which are great for displaying in your room. They will help with reading and spelling of some of our more common used words. There are two options – one is color and one is a ‘save your ink’ version. There is a spare page for you to write your own words on. The words can be used as flash cards.

These look great when printed and put around your classroom.

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