Revising and Editing made easy

Writing conferences take time and effort to maintain.
As teachers we work so hard to improve our kids writing pieces and the outcomes they achieve.

I don't know about you but I have worked for a long time to try to get this right.

I think I have found a way that is easy - trackable and helps set goals.

I have been able to have a much bigger impact on getting my conference time more streamlined and manageable for us all.

Here is what I do....

I have created what we call our Monster Editor. My students color in certain parts of him as they move through the editing and revising cycle.

At the Teacher Conference I can see straight away which parts of the process they think they need my help with - it is the part not colored in!

To add a real conversation I can also ask questions like - I see you have colored the ears - show me where you have upgraded the punctuation or the vocabulary?

Our Monster Editor is displayed in our room as a large visual reminder of each step.
We attach a small Monster to each piece of writing. This then drives our goal setting.

Writing conferences and setting new goals can be so time consuming! This Editing and Conferencing Lapbook has been a life changer in our Writing sessions. We always know what stage, goal and level our students are working on.

This Editing and Conferencing Monster Lapbook is to be used every time your student’s are writing.

The LapBook can stand up and be a useful resource during writing sessions.

It is instrumental in the conference phase with you as the teacher. It helps guide the conversations, goals and steps for improved writing outcomes.

The students can use a paper clip to show which part of the writing cycle they are up to. The paper clip can be moved from –plan –draft- revise – buddy edit- teacher conference – publish.

There are extensive photos to guide you through the setting up and use of the Editing and Conferencing Lapbook.

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