'If...' is my new treasured book

There is a book called 'If...' (written by David J. Smith, illustrated by Steve Adams) that has become my new treasured book. 

This book has double page spreads that contain a topic that is then put in mathematical terms. 

Did you know?

If your whole life was a pizza divided into 12 slices...
4 would spent at school or work
4 would be getting ready to sleep or sleeping
1 would be shopping, caring for others and doing things ta home
1 would be travelling to work, school, shops and on holidays
1 would be preparing and eating food
and the last 1 would be leisure, recreation, exercise, games, social activities and surfing the internet

There is even a teacher/parent page. 

This would be a great text to use to get kids to choose their own topic and present it mathematically. 

You will love it too!

Another great book for math thinking is 'Counting on Frank'

Everything is measured in dogs!

Years ago - before blogging, I had a grade that did a version called "Counting on Mrs Shaw' and they made their own version that included how many of me would fit 
-in our classroom-
-in my car-
-in the in the staffroom-
-on the footpath outside our classroom-
-in the sport shed-
-in a phone box-
(it was a long time ago)

We entered it into a competition for math thinking and won!

Image result for counting on Frank

Image result for counting on Frank

Image result for counting on Frank

What are your treasured books?

Reindeer - Reindeer - Reindeer

I am fascinated by reindeer - so I have put together this pack to help put some facts together. 
They are so much more than Santa's transport helpers - hehehe

Reindeer | Reindeer | Reindeer

This pack provides information about reindeer. This information will assist in the writing of your own Informational Text, guided by a rubric.

79 Pages

KWHL - for Reindeer. There are color, plus black/white versions and a one page version
This will assist in assessing what your grade knows and will help when writing the Informational Text
This is what we know about…
This is what we want to know …
This is how we will find out what we want to know……
This is our new learning about ….

Vocabulary - Color and black/white versions provided. Spare tags for extra words. Display these words and discuss what they mean.

Facts - These cards can be used as discussion starters or display these facts about reindeer and discuss what they mean. They can be used as starters for the Informational Text to help build the paragraphs

Photos - These photos are to be used to assist in writing the text. Print off and display around the finished Informational Text

Reading - This text is to be used to record the main ideas and the supporting information. The second task is to paraphrase the text

Writing – Use the photos provided in the photo section to assist in writing the text. Print off and display around the finished Informational Text. The rubrics are helpful in assessing the text. A map of the world is provided to plot where the reindeer live. A planner is included for the Informational Text. There are a variety of papers and planners provided.

Jan Brett - birthday December 1st

Jan Brett is one of America's best author and illustrators for many books for children to read and escape into.

To help celebrate this day - I have a pack for you to use to help explore her life and write a biography. 

At the end of this post I have some links about Jan Brett that you may want to check out. 


Jan Brett

Author | Author | Author

Read some facts about Jan Brett and use these facts to write a biography.

This pack contains 26 pages
There are three posters (one with some published book titles and 2 print and go versions)
KWHL - record what you know, want to know, ideas for finding out and your new learning
Fact recording sheet x 2,
Fact clipboards for display and discussion
Biography wheel
Word splash on clipboards
Ask a question template (girl/boy templates)
Lined pages for biography
Write a biography – with side graphics

Key words – author, Jan Brett, children’s books, illustrator

Happy Birthday Jan Brett!

Some useful links to share

Letters to Santa - all sorted

I have just posted this pack which will help you with your Santa letters.
I have updated this pack to include extra task.
If you own it, please  re download to get the extras...

Click here

Letter to Santa

53 pages

Write a letter to Santa – there so many options available in this pack. This Letter to Santa pack explores why we use letters and what makes a letter so that we can write a great Letter to Santa.

Tasks include - 
• Why do we write letters? Brainstorm ideas on the template. 
• List what we should include in a letter – what parts are necessary?
• Write about something you want, you need, you want for someone else and what doesn’t cost money….
• What happens after we write the letter?
• What does a letter look like?
• What does an envelope need on it?
• Design your own Christmas stamp
• Planning page for writing your letter
• What would you ask Santa?
• Write a persuasive letter to Santa – 2 options
• Write a recount – 2 options
• Toppers for your writing when on display
• How to make an envelope #1, #2, #3
• Writing pages for your letter – 24 options to choose from

Happy letter writing.

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Folktale or Christmas?

This book is a folktale and people often read it at this time of the year because it has elves!

If you choose to read it to your kids - please explain that is a folktale.

These tasks will help you to explore The Elves and the Shoemaker and respond to the text in a variety of ways.

The pack contains 75 pages and there are many tasks

  • KWHL - What I know – What I want to know – How will I find it out – My new learning
  • Sequencing tasks x2
  • Word splash – Elves – Shoemaker – wife
  • Character Traits – wife –Shoemaker – Elf
  • Instructions  for INB
  • INB for beginning, middle and end
  • INB for Elf, Shoemaker, wife – is-has-can
  • Add a picture to your story instructions
  • Recount
  • Pictures to add to story
  • Word focus
  • Compare characters
  • Text connections
  • Text to self – text- world
  • The best part of the story
  • Main idea
  • Summary
  • Recount
  • Create a story
  • Compare truth  - fantasy
  • Change the ending
  • Devise questions
  • I see, I think, I wonder
  • Persuade others to read this book
  • Making lists
  • Be a designer
  • Suggestions please
  • Setting, characters, complications and resolutions
  • DeBono Hat thinking
  • Character traits
  • Conversations x4
  • Missing words with answers
  • Point of view
  • Story parts
  • Comprehension x2
  • Sequence task
  • Small book with instructions
  • Story map
  • 5Ws
  • Stick Puppets
  • Script planner x2
  • Story board planner
  • Story Board INB
  • Script between 2 characters x 4
  • Script note page x2
  • Design some clothes 

This is a delightful version I found on YouTube - click here
Your kids can then do a compare and contrast of the book you read and this version, 

Five for Friday - 13th November 2015


Here are my five randoms for this week


Finishing up some work on Melbourne Cup this week.


Melbourne Cup is a horse race that stops our nation.


Exploring some plurals...

Working on Veterans Day and Remembrance Day packs - I will have pictures to post next week.

Then some pre planning this week for Christmas...
I have posted the Number Pack and the Read the Room task.
I am putting the finishing touches on the Reading Pack and will then bundle them all for $11.00

Our daughter has only one exam left and then 13 years of schooling is over - University here she comes!
The end is near - no more text books, papers, notes, pencil cases, timetables all over the house for a while. 
Our son - who will not let us take photos - has just finished his second year of Uni this week. His exams are over too.

Here is a very old photo of Nic with his Dad. 
The photo is about 8 years old - lucky he doesn't read my blog.

Only 11 days until we leave for America.
Have a magical week everyone!

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