Melbourne Cup - First Tuesday in November

Melbourne Cup is a horse race that stops a nation!

I have two packs to share with you to help your grade find out more about Melbourne Cup. 

Find out some facts to help write an Information Text

This first pack is a new one and provides facts, planners, rubrics to help assist you to write a information text. 

This is for Years 2-5.

This pack provides information about Melbourne Cup. This information will assist in the writing of your own Information Text, guided by a rubric. (58 Pages)

KWHL - for Melbourne Cup. There are colour, plus black/white versions and a one page version
This will assist in assessing what your grade knows and will help when writing the Information Text
This is what we know about…
This is what we want to know …
This is how we will find out what we want to know…
This is our new learning about …

Facts - These cards can be used as discussion starters or to display these facts about Melbourne Cup and discuss what they mean. They can be used as starters for the Information Text to help build the paragraphs

Photos - These photos are to be used to assist in writing the text. Print off and display around the finished Information Text

Reading - This text is to be used to record the main ideas and the supporting information. The second task is to paraphrase the text

Writing – Use the photos provided in the photo section to assist in writing the text. Print off and display around the finished Information Text. The rubrics are helpful in assessing the text. A planner is included for the Information text. There are a variety of papers and planners provided.

This second pack is aimed at younger kids. 

This pack is great for K-2.

15 pages
Horse words – to use in writing and word work
Concept Map – to describe a horse
How to ride a horse
How to train a horse
Can – are – have
A jockey’s silk
My horse’s information
BOGGLE – Melbourne Cup
Label parts of the horse
Melbourne Cup game – for three players. See who comes 1st, 2nd and 3rd - plus a coloured version

I hope that your class sweep is successful and you choose the horse that wins!

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