Letters to Santa - all sorted

I have just posted this pack which will help you with your Santa letters.
I have updated this pack to include extra task.
If you own it, please  re download to get the extras...

Click here

Letter to Santa

53 pages

Write a letter to Santa – there so many options available in this pack. This Letter to Santa pack explores why we use letters and what makes a letter so that we can write a great Letter to Santa.

Tasks include - 
• Why do we write letters? Brainstorm ideas on the template. 
• List what we should include in a letter – what parts are necessary?
• Write about something you want, you need, you want for someone else and what doesn’t cost money….
• What happens after we write the letter?
• What does a letter look like?
• What does an envelope need on it?
• Design your own Christmas stamp
• Planning page for writing your letter
• What would you ask Santa?
• Write a persuasive letter to Santa – 2 options
• Write a recount – 2 options
• Toppers for your writing when on display
• How to make an envelope #1, #2, #3
• Writing pages for your letter – 24 options to choose from

Happy letter writing.

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