Crazy Sock Day Pack

Crazy Sock Day 28 pages 

 This Crazy Sock Day pack will help you to celebrate Crazy Sock Day in your classroom. 

 This pack contains a note to parents and a reminder for the day before (one option for fundraising and one without plus color or no color options)) 
Wordfind – print the copy you need for color/colour 
Acrostic Poem 
 Word Splash – describe your socks in words and phrases 
 Describe your socks and how they are different 
Venn Diagram to compare your socks to a friend’s pair of socks 
Narrative – story starter 
Drawings before and after Crazy Sock Day 
Brag tags for kids who come to school with Crazy Socks – black and white or color

Story Book Sunday - Hetty's Day Out

Hetty's Day Out by Pamela Allen is a lovely book about a cat and her day outside.
She walks around, as cats do, and is given food. 
It is great counting book - great for subitizing. 
I love it for the position and time connective words.

As a class read aloud you can record the events in sequence and write a list - a sequence - or a recount.

I love the simple illustrations and colors used in the text - they allow you to focus on the story.

What I'm not a fan of is the use of and to start a sentence - but is a good talking point.
I love the book, so I can get past that.

My 2018 EC Life Planner...

This could be a love story about a Life Planner that I am obsessed with!
This could be about two generations that have a love story about a diary!

I need to say that I am not affiliated with EC Planners and this is about a company that has always delivered what I have ordered - up until now. 

They have serious issues with quality control - not only has this been an expensive exercise for me, but they have had to redo my order twice to get it right. Third time lucky!

Let me take you back to 2014...

This was my first order from EC it was a 2014 - 2015 18 month planner - it was perfect and I adored it.

So for 2016 I ordered not only myself another one but also added one to my cart for my daughter as a surprise Christmas present. 
This time I ordered a gold coil for me and my daughter wanted a silver one. 
Again we loved them!

Cue 2017 and this is what we ordered and again - loved them!
Mine has a black coil and I loved it, I thought long and hard about rose gold, but thought I would get one for 2018.

So for 2018 I ordered another one for my daughter, for her birthday, with a silver coil.
I decided to pay the extra and go rose gold.

This is what arrived!!!!!!

No rose gold - after ignored emails and then finally me getting cross on their public facebook page I was offered a $20 voucher. NO way - I wanted what I had paid for. 

So two weeks later my new planner arrived and when I opened it 

They had sent a replacement for my daughter's planner and not mine!

Beyond frustrated now....
Not accepting the voucher for $20 again this time, waiting for the right planner to arrive.....

So third time lucky- I have my rose gold coil planner and I do love it.
But do I love it enough to order one for 2019? Let's wait and see.

I just need to say that for each of these years I have also had a Teacher Planner - these planners and the Life Planners are not cheap and when you put them in Australian Dollars they are very expensive. 

I know others have had issues with the rose gold coil - which is why I put it off. This year my teacher planner has a rose gold coil and I haven't had any problems. 

Story Book Sunday - I'm Australian Too, Mem Fox

This book is beautifully written, like all Mem Fox books. 
With the world going a little crazy at the moment - this book hits home the importance of acceptance and understanding of and for everyone. 

Australia is hugely multicultural and it is beyond time that we recognise that 'white' Australians do not 'own' this country - we are not the indigenous owners.

We all need to accept that this country is diverse as are many other nations around our planet. 

This book deals with the story about a refugee child - Mem Fox is courageous and should be thanked for how she has dealt with this content. 

A book to read to every child and every adult. 

The link to this freebie is at the bottom of this post
Use this link to access my freebie 

Cut and paste this link into your browser 

Genius Hour - what an amazing experience

Genius Hour
52 pages

Genius Hour
is a great motivator to share learning. This learning comes from an interest that is motivated by trying to dig deeper, change thinking or share a knowledge that our students have. 
There are two files in the zipped folder. 
One is a Teacher Pack and the other is a PowerPoint to share with students. 

Genius Hour - Teacher Pack This pack supports you to with templates and charts to use. 

Contents of this PDF include -
Learning Intention
Genius Hour Steps
Learning Tasks – Ideas I can explore, what do I know, want to know and have 
Discovered, Topic Word Splash, Interactive Note Page to accompany the PowerPoint included in the zip file, what facts have I found?
Genius Hour Posters – to display while working through the unit of work – Questioning and Predicting – Planning and Conducting – Recording and Processing – Analyzing and Evaluating – Communicating 
Genius Hour– Booklet to be filled out during the Investigation 
Rubric for Assessment
Digital Recording alternative with instructions 
Genius Hour - Student PowerPoint This powerpoint is for your students – it will guide them through the Genius Hour. 
It covers - 
What is Genius Hour?
Learning Intention 
What is Genius Hour all about?
Genius Hour Steps to take – Step One to Step Seven
Brainstorm Ideas
Outline of posters that will help
Support for your question – prior learning, word splash for your topic, INB, Fact recording sheet
Recoding Booklet – if you choose to use it
Rubric for assessment
Book Creator Task for tracking your question

September Writing Pack

103 pages 

 This September - Writing Prompts is part of a Writing Prompts for all Year
and will be all you need for the whole year for writing. 

You will be able to update this through ‘My Purchases’, so check back each month as I add an extra pack. You will make a huge saving as each pack is $6.00 - $10.00 depending on which month – the bundle is only $55.00. 

 This September - Writing Prompts pack contains the following topics 
Literacy Day 
Grandparents Day 
Patriot Day 
Talk like a Pirate Day 
Day of Peace 
World Rhino Day 
Yom Kippur 
Father’s Day 
Johnny Appleseed 

 Each topic has the following pages 
- Word Splash for words or phrases on the topic 
- Parts of speech, record the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs we can use for this topic 
- KWHL – what do we know, what to know, where might we find the Informational, new learning 
- Roll and Write 
- Recount topic 
- Informational prompt 
- Different lines for different writer’s needs 
- Adding a craftivity or topper 

- At the end of the pack there are pages for the following 
 - Recount planner 
- Narrative Planner 
- Informational Report Planner 
 - Procedure Planner 
- different lined pages to use

Number Sense to 10 - such an important learning step

Number Sense to 10 

40 pages 
 This Number Sense to 10 pack contains a weekly planner to follow to begin, consolidate and extend number sense to 10. 

 - There two sets of ten frames to use 
- An individual ten frame template 
- Thinkboard task 
INB page 
- Cards to match the numeral – number – collection 
 - Random collection cards to count 
- Roll and cover tasks 
- Assessment guide for tracking 

 Australian Curriculum link
- Foundation Connect number names, numerals and quantities, including zero, initially to 10 and then beyond (ACMNA002) - Understanding that each object must be counted only once, that the arrangement of objects does not affect how many there are, and that the last number counted answers the ‘how many’ question 

 USA Curriculum link – CCSS Kindergarten K.CC.C.6 – Identify whether the number of objects in one group is greater than, less than or equal to the number of objects in another group eg by using matching and counting strategies Mathematical language: collection, number, how many, names, numeral, quantities, zero, part, whole, numerals, ten frames

Making Sense of Percent

Percentages – Making Sense of Percent
29 pages

Read through the weekly planner to know what the relationship is between the different parts of the lesson and the resources. 

There are references to Australian Curriculum – but if you are working on percentages this is the unit for you!

‘I can’ cards (copy and laminate) – use as a reference for the week. These are the inspiration for writing negotiated goals for individual goals 
- Jigfits x 3. Print, laminate and cut along lines. Use these with individuals for support and focus teaching as well as a group task. Start with the centre piece – you know it is the centre because it has 4 prompts
- Print Think boards – one for each student. There is an example to show you how to fill one out
- Conversion cards – print and laminate. These can be used as memory cards or as the plan suggests – three printing options. The black and white version can be printed on coloured card.
- Number line to show decimals, percentages, Copy in black and white
- Match and answer discussion sheets – copy in either colour or black & white
- Worksheet to show what you know about percentages – use as a guide to present to the grade 

Solar Eclipse in the USA skies

Solar Eclipse – A PowerPoint for Kids
14 pages

This powerpoint was made to share with your grade. It outlines the essential information that they should know. It is a perfect springboard to start discussions and then do more research together. 

Slide headings are - 
Safety First
What is a solar eclipse?
Why are eclipses not always total?
Three types of eclipses
What do eclipses they look like?
What is the difference between a solar and a lunar eclipse?
How many are there a year?
What happens during a total eclipse?
Facts about solar eclipses
What else might we see?
Can we tell when the next eclipse is? 

Storybook Sunday - Possum Magic

This week's book is Possum Magic by Mem Fox.

We have so many lovely authors who manage to integrate a great story with some of our most iconic foods, places and the emotions this invokes takes us back to our childhood.

Follow Hush and Grandma Poss as they travel Australia seeking a cure for Hush's invisibility. 

The drawings are delightful and add to the attachment we have all had to this book for 30 years!

You can almost taste the Anzac Biscuit, the vegemite sandwich, the pavlova and the lamington!

You will fall in love with this book like I have. 

A Freebie - Download this image and print full page size...

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