Crazy Sock Day Pack

Crazy Sock Day 28 pages 

 This Crazy Sock Day pack will help you to celebrate Crazy Sock Day in your classroom. 

 This pack contains a note to parents and a reminder for the day before (one option for fundraising and one without plus color or no color options)) 
Wordfind – print the copy you need for color/colour 
Acrostic Poem 
 Word Splash – describe your socks in words and phrases 
 Describe your socks and how they are different 
Venn Diagram to compare your socks to a friend’s pair of socks 
Narrative – story starter 
Drawings before and after Crazy Sock Day 
Brag tags for kids who come to school with Crazy Socks – black and white or color


  1. Hi Paula! I love this idea. Also, March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day, and we wore mismatched socks to celebrate so you might want to "advertise" this again in March.


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