Area and Perimeter - Inside and Outside

Area and Perimeter – Inside and Outside
31 pages

This is based on the Australian Curriculum at Year 4/5/6 levels. 
The measurements are in metric.

There are “I can’ Statements’, a weekly planner, an assessment recording sheet and the following tasks - 

Task 1 - Perimeter of regular shapes
Task 2 – Area of regular shapes 
Task 3 – Perimeter of irregular shapes 
Task 4 – Area of irregular shapes 
Task 5 – Calculate area and perimeter
Task 6 – Design a picture for area and perimeter
Task 7 – Shapes with the same area
Task 8 – Formal calculations
Task 9 – Paddocks with a difference
Task 10 – The area of your name
Task 11 – Design a house – research how the area of a house is measured
Task 12– Design a garden bed
Task 13 – Desks in your class
Task 14 – Area of an object

Task 15– Zoo or Farm? 

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