Goldilocks and the Three Bears

62 pages

This pack focuses on one Fairy Tale – Goldilocks and the Three Bears and gives many opportunities to explore and interpret the text through reading and writing. 
The variety of tasks lets you choose which aspects will suit your grade before you print. Explore all facets of the story with these planners and the prepared prompt sheets. Encourage planning before writing and allow for lots of discussions. 

The pack includes - 
• Curriculum Links – USA CCSS and Australian Curriculum 
• KWHL – What we know – want to know – how will we find out- record new learning 
• Vocabulary Cards – Use these cards to discuss character attributes, descriptions and interactions between story components. You can print and go or laminate for longer use. There are three printing options. 
• I see, I think, I wonder - Read part of the story and complete each component. Then read the rest of the story and discuss your options
• Beginning, middle and ending - this helps to write a recount
• Recount planner – focuses on each part of a recount
• Jigsaw Cards - Color copy and laminate – sequence in order 
of size and use for language vocab, size vocab, adjective. Three printing options
• Character Traits – Interactive Note pages two options for working – two printing options
• Story Parts – Interactive Notebook page, including complications/resolutions and introduction/conclusion 
• CAN-IS-HAS - Goldilocks, Baby Bear, Mama Bear, Papa Bear can, is, has- Real Bears can, are, have
• Use adjectives - to describe the chairs, beds, porridge and characters 
• Conversation starters - What could Goldilocks say to Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear?
• Breakfast Options - What else could the bears have had for breakfast?
• Emotions – list them for each character
• Descriptions - what each character looks like - adjectives
• Re write the ending - Goldilocks – Beginning, middle, ending and rewrite the story with different characters
• Police Report – describe Goldilocks as a villain 
• Venn Diagram for story bears and real bears
• Making Connections - Text to text, text to self, text to world
• Write a sorry letter - to Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear from Goldilocks to say sorry
• Speech bubble - I am really very sorry
• Conflicts and Resolutions – list them in the matrix
• Venn Diagrams – Goldilocks and The Three Bears making comparisons to another Fairy Tale
• Persuasive techniques - How would you persuade Papa Bear to not ring the Police?
• Planning - This is your plan - use the lined paper for your draft
• Writing Craftivity – add a side graphic to your writing 

Please read the description and download the preview before purchasing. The preview clearly shows you what is included in this pack.  

Holiday Brag Tags

Brag Tags for the Holidays 204 pages (68 pages in each pack) 

 These Brag Tags for the holidays contain a full color set, a no color background and a black and white set that kids can color or you can print on colored card to save ink. 
These Brag Tags are to help celebrate the holidays that occur in the USA and Australia. 

They are available as individual packs or in a money saving bundle. 


Getting parents ready for transition

It is often our parents that need transition more than our students! 
Use these calendars to help ease the school worry and trial some routines. 
They are for 2018 - 2022 and they are for January for our Aussie kids. 

Reciprocal Reading

I love reading groups - I have Guided Reading, Literature Circles and Reciprocal Reading Groups happening in our learning space.

These three strategies work with different needs in my room and each child only engages in one.

My Reciprocal Reading groups needed some attention and bringing into line with how I do my other two reading strategy groups.

So in response to this I have put together some resources to help my kids and help me to keep them on track.
I needed to support them to become independent.

So I have some posters, bookmarks, interactive notebook pages, puzzle pieces and a booklet to record in as they move through their shared book.

Click here to access this pack 

Reciprocal Reading – An Introduction 
46 pages 
 This pack is a must for introducing Reciprocal Reading
There are tasks to help consolidate each role and a recording booklet for the sharing of information. The booklet keeps all the information on the shared text together. 
This pack will help in the analyzing of a text before you introduce Literature Circles. 

 This pack includes ...

Posters for the Leader, Predictor, Clarifier, Summariser (Summarizer also included) and Questioner, they include definitions 

Jigsaws – that contain three sections – the title, a brief definition and a role description 

Interactive Notebook pages – What is it? What do I need to do? What do I need? 

Bookmarks - that show the title, a brief definition and a role description. There is a black and white option for kids to color or you can copy into different colored card 

Booklet – this has space to record your notes for each role. There is also a reminder on each page as a checklist to support the students in their role

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