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Convicts and some great books

Our Year Fives have been working on Convicts and it has been really hard to locate books that are suitable for them to access. 

Tony and I went to Tasmania for the first week of our Spring break and spent a day at Port Arthur and they had a great little Book Shop. So I picked up these great books. 

Port Arthur is an eerie place to be!

After the holidays I will share them with my grade, but then store them for the next time we do Convicts. 

The A-Z is amazing and the kids will love the easy access to information. 
The novel - Escape to Eaglehawk is written for kids

 These two have almost a double page of facts on a convict - this would have been so helpful when we were doing our convict files. We relied on good ol' google, which was great, but these would have been so useful.

Year 5 History in Australia is heavily based on Convict history and if you need some support to deliver the topic - this product will help you out. 

There are lots of photos to help guide you through the interactive file.

Five for Friday - 26th Sep

First week of Spring break for more week to go!

Here are my five randoms for this week


Tony and I had our first break in almost 20 years without our kids. They are almost 20 and 18!
We have only had about 3 nights with them at sleepovers and it was really nice to be just the two of us. 
We went interstate to Tasmania and stayed on the harbour and this was the view from our room.

We couldn't get over the blueness of the sky!


While we were there I got to meet Tania - she is another Aussie blogger. It is funny when our two worlds meet up - our cyber life and real life. I would love to be closer to her, she is just great to be around. The following day Tony and I were at a the museum and there she was. Tasmania had an extra week of school and are now on break. 

Check our Tanya's blog and store.


We stayed about 3 mins walk from Salamanca Place. There were lots of yummy places to eat and cute coffee places. 


We went on a delightful cruise to MONA - Modern and New Age Art Gallery. The art was amazing. 

This was a large piece - called the White Room.

We went for so many lovely walks and the weather was so nice. 


Port Arthur is where the convicts were sent from England and it is an eerie place.

On the way back we went to the Tessellated Pavement. The current has caused all the cross hatching and it is another great walk we did. 

One week to go of term break!
Our daughter gets back from Japan on Sunday and I am sure she will have lots of stories for us. 
I can't wait to see her, we have missed her.

Her host family have taken great care of her and she has been doing the most amazing things. 

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