Science Day

One of our local Secondary schools hosted a Science day for our Year 5/6's and we have had a blast. 
We experienced an hour and half each of 

In Biology we got to look at some very cool things under the microscopes. We learnt how to set up the microscopes so we could see these things well with lamps and natural light. 
There were fly legs, bug testes, bug ovary, leaves, wool and dandelion.

In Physics we made rockets and learnt about aero dynamics. 
We launched them to see how far they would go.
In the design phase we could make modifications and make our rockets fly better each time. 

In Chemistry we wore lab coats and goggles. 
We made slime and elephants toothpaste. Lighting the Bunsen burner made some nervous. 
We learnt about the colour of the flame and which one was the safe flame. \


A fantastic day. 

Poster round-up

A walk around our 5/6 Learning Space - these are just some posters in our shared space.

Character Traits

Here is a photo story of some character traits for characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

I am currently working on a unit for this story for Years 5/6.

Watch this space!

Five for Friday - 21 Nov

Here are my five randoms for this week,
I just love this time of the year.


Our Prep team welcomed our Kinder kids for their first transition visit this week - great job!


My new cover arrived for my Life Planner to match my Teacher Planner - yah!


Hello summer - well almost.......lunch out in the sun.


My roses are delightful at the moment - I love the flowers and the way they survive even my gardening skills or lack of. Since we experienced drought a few years go, our garden only gets rain water when it falls. We are totally drought proof.


Christmas washi tape, ribbon and stamps - just sneaking in some Christmas shopping before December. 

Transition Program - the start

This week our Prep team started the Transition Program for our next group of kids who will start next year. 

I work closely with two of these teachers and the whole team did an amazing job. 

The team did an amazing job in communicating to parents, kinders and our school community to accommodate the start of school for this group. 

Here are some tasks that this group of children did when they visited us. 

It is the start of their school journey!



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