November Writing Prompts

This November Writing Prompts pack contains the following topics 
Author’s Day 
Aviation Month
Letter to Santa
Veterans Day
Peanut Butter Month

Each topic has the following pages 
Word Splash for words or phrases on the topic
Parts of speech, record the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs we can use for this topic
KWHL – what do we know, what to know, where might we find the information, new learning
Roll and Write
Recount topic
Information prompt
Different lines for different writer’s needs
Adding a craftivity or topper

At the end of the pack there is a Recount planner Narrative Planner Information Report Planner and different lined pages to use

Worded Problems

Worded problems are hard because they have numbers, words, information that we need, information we don't need, steps to follow, equations to answer, checking to done and then some of them are open ended and have more than one answer.

No wonder our students need lots of support to work through them.

Something we do that does not help - is give them a task that is titled 'Addition Problems'.
This means they don't need to read them, just get all the numbers and add them all up.

The tasks that say "Subtraction Problems' means take the smallest number away from the big one and again no reading - no sorting out information, no checking strategies, no steps to decide on...

Mix them up and make our kids work for the answer, give them opportunities to make mistakes and estimate and check.

This Worded Problem Poster Pack  has the four steps you need to use to work through any problem, ten strategies that help to solve problems. This pack will get you and your kids talking and working through problems together.

The Four Steps are
Understanding the Problem
Decide on a Strategy
Solve the Problem
Reflect and make Changes

Strategies included are 
Draw a sketch, table or graph
Act it out
Look for a pattern
Make a list
Guess and check
Work backward
Use simpler numbers
Write a number sentence
Use logic or clues
Break the problem into smaller parts

There are four recording templates to use too!


Money is lots of fun to explore and we have had plenty of hands on experiences lately working out how to show money in equal amounts, give change, make budgets and set sales. 

I have posted some resources below which will help you to work through units on Australian Money

This Interactive Money Book is a great way to revise all the skills about money, gather assessments, track learning and differentiate tasks. 

Explore our coins with this Money Pack 

Giving Change is a tough job - this will help you out

This is a great way to add, subtract and cover so many skills and content in an engaging way.

Some more sight words

Looking at words is a huge part of our day. We need them to read and to write and we need them ti understand everything we do everyday. 

I have started to build on my Dolch List and I have just posted my Grade One and Grade Two Assessment and Tracking Packs. 

Each pack has options for printing so you can either
- print off the collar options
- print in black and white
- use the black and white versions to print off on colour card

Each pack has a set a flashcards that you can use for games and tasks.

So the Grade Two Pack is Orange and has a monkey on them and the Grade One Pack is Yellow and has a lion. This allows for easy packing up and putting away. 

Teaching Text Types

Teaching Text Types is an important part of our job.

We need to teach how they look and the components they have. 

The most important task we can do is to read lots of different genres and then compare them and look at how we can write them. 

Once we have taught the structure - we need to allow our kids to choose the genre that best fits the audience and the topic they have chosen. 

I like to provide clear structures for my kids to refer to. These files do just that!
These photos show the photo uploaded to iPads and the kids choose which one to use for the task at hand. 

I have two packs you can use to help kids get the planning right.
The first one has bright sticky note themed posters and pngs.
The second one has posters, planners and assessment pages. 

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