Farley is early with 'currently'for July so head on over and link up.
We are half way through the year and what a year it has been. I am looking forward to reading what everyone else is up to in this linky party.......
Listening - we are into our second day of our two week winter break here in Australia. As it is cold outside, Tony (my husband and author of "Learning with Literature Blog") is making us breakfast and I just love the sound of our coffee machine grinding the beans and making fresh coffee. Our 18 year old when he hears it wakes up and usually joins us - but he is at a mates.

Loving - if I only argue about the state of a bedroom, shoes left in the entry, a glass in the sink and not the dishwasher - what do I have to complain about when living with an 18 and almost 16 year old!

Thinking - Imogen turns 16 this month and what to do for her special day? She is doing photography and maybe a new camera is the go. We will have a house full of giggling, non sleeping teenagers - but how gorgeous is that?

Wanting - to see my sister. One of my sisters is having a tough time. Her husband passed away a few years ago and that is tough enough. One of her children has been very ill and it has been hard for her to juggle work, hospital and life. I am glad that my Mum. Dad and brother are close by to help her when they can.

Needing - to challenge myself to read something that is not school related. I have on my iPAD to read - The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion - God's Callgirl by Carla Van Raay (had that one for 6 months) - Slave by Mende Nazer.

Tips and Tricks - to have a work life balance. I am great at helping staff to do this, but hopeless at it myself. While I make time for my family, I need a bit of me time squeezed in there somewhere.

Five for Friday - 28th June

Doodle Bugs and Five for Friday - hooley dooley - it's here again!

We started our winter break for two weeks today!

Number 1 - our tickets arrived to see King Kong the Musical in Melbourne. My daughter and I will stay overnight and see the show and do lots of shopping. A bit if girl time and lovin' it.

Number 2 - We had a planning day today and across the school we all looked at an Inquiry Approach. We specifically looked at integrating learning and started from what our students know and want to know. It was a great day and the share sessions by all teams was fantastic and we could see the natural progression from one year to another.

Number 3 - making Gingerbread Men was a delcious end to our Fairytale theme.

Number 4 - It would have been my Gran's birthday- she was 97 when she passed away. We have been without her for about 4 years and we miss her still.

Number 5 - It is holidays!!!!!!


Patterns, patterns and more patterns!
One of our groups in maths is working on consolidating patterns.
Not just colour patterns, but patterns that are pig, rabbit, horse, pig, rabbit, horse......
I just loved taking these photos from the angle of my Preps.
My Preps thought I was mad. Asking questions like Why was I was crawling around the floor?, What was I looking for?, "Did I lose something?".
When they realised what I was doing they they then took the photos for me.


Sensory Garden

I know I have said this on a number of occasions - I love my workplace.
I have not been involved in the behind the scenes work, but will definitely benefit from the work and dedication of this group that are putting together this sensory garden.
We currently have a team of parents, teachers and students who are working together to develop a sensory garden.
This has meant many hours of work, applying for funding external to our school, planning, meetings, buying goods and getting sponsors. AMAZING!
These lovely paintings have been done by our Preps (5 year olds) and are the culmination of the hard work by one of our Prep teachers.
They are amazing and this teacher is amazing, thanks Pascale.
These paintings will be lacquered and added to the walls of our flower garden.
We are seeing daffodils grow and in summer will see sunflowers.
One daffodil and one sunflower for each Prep. planted by a Prep and loved by a Prep!

As we walk around this sensory space we see huge mushrooms, lady birds and plants that we love and care for.

End of term - staff reflection

Our last staff meeting for the term was this afternoon.
The coaches (me and 3 others) and our Principal felt that it was important for staff to celebrate and acknowledge the learning that we as a staff have done and how that has impacted on our students.
So we came up with two questions....
1. What learning have you been most proud of this term?
2. What impact has this had on your students?
We asked all staff to bring on two sticky notes the answers to these two questions. We had drinks and nibbles and shared in a circle - all 4 Prep teachers, 8 Year 1/2 teachers, 8 Year 3/4 teachers, 7 Year 5/6 teachers, 5 specialists and our leadership team bought their sticky notes as prompts and shared.
Each staff member was prepared, shared and spoke from the heart. Our staff cared about the impact of their learning and the effect on students. It was an amazing staff meeting and one that was clear about why we are here!
We also asked for feedback on our two curriculum groups - English and Maths and used a PMI to record this. We will act on this early next term. A PMI is about the positives, negatives and interesting facts.
I do work in what we consider to be a learning community.

Teen Numbers

We have been working on consolidating what we know about teen numbers.
Just saying them can be tricky.
When you listen carefully you can hear - twelve, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, twenty....
As teachers we need to count everyday with our students to encourage fluency of counting and we need to go to 120. More about that in another post!!!!!!
We have been sequencing and showing collections to 20. I have so much more work to do......

We will be using my teen number pack this week in Discovery Learnng to consolidate our teen numbers. I will post more photos about teen numbers this week.
How do you teach and consolidate teen numbers?

Picture story book linky

Deanne at shares a passion of mine - picture story books.
Check out her post and as I did - I thought WOW, as this lady is sitting on a floor in a book store in the USA, on the other side of the world I am doing the same thing!
We both engage and use our love of books and hooking kids in - there is no better way.
So join in and share your favourite picture story books about starting school.
These are just a few of my back to school books. I can recommend each and every one of them to you and you will not regret having them on your book shelf. Some are about the Mum/Mom finding it hard to settle in, some are about being nervous and then of course working out that there is nothing to be nervous of.


Happy buying, reading and sharing everyone!

Five for Friday - 21 June

Doodle Bugs and Five for Friday - hooley dooley - it's here again!

My Number 5 is my favourite....

Number 1 - My newest book purchase is 'Monday is One Day' by Arthur A. Levine and is great to reinforce days of the week

Number 2 - Painting our faces for the sensory garden. They have been painted on wood. These will be lacquered and attached to our fence and be behind our daffodils and then sunflowers in summer.

Number Three - Our coaching team spent a night in Melbourne with our Principal. Our team spent a great night together and we had the scrumptious dinner at Tazio. It was nice to be away with this group and talk about future plans and directions for our learning community and consolidate some plans for our planning day next week. I love staying in Melbourne and it is a short 1.5 hour trip on the train.

Number Four - Kerry and I have made our first 2 sales for iSURF(c) check out our blog and shops for a new way to deliver maths and a focus on being a problem solver, show understanding, explain reasoning and develop fluency.

Number 5 - One of my sisters had a birthday this week and we got to look over some old photos. Leanne and I are 12 months apart in age, we live 2000 kms away from each other and I miss her terribly. I am the older bossy one!

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