Sensory Garden

I know I have said this on a number of occasions - I love my workplace.
I have not been involved in the behind the scenes work, but will definitely benefit from the work and dedication of this group that are putting together this sensory garden.
We currently have a team of parents, teachers and students who are working together to develop a sensory garden.
This has meant many hours of work, applying for funding external to our school, planning, meetings, buying goods and getting sponsors. AMAZING!
These lovely paintings have been done by our Preps (5 year olds) and are the culmination of the hard work by one of our Prep teachers.
They are amazing and this teacher is amazing, thanks Pascale.
These paintings will be lacquered and added to the walls of our flower garden.
We are seeing daffodils grow and in summer will see sunflowers.
One daffodil and one sunflower for each Prep. planted by a Prep and loved by a Prep!

As we walk around this sensory space we see huge mushrooms, lady birds and plants that we love and care for.

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