End of term - staff reflection

Our last staff meeting for the term was this afternoon.
The coaches (me and 3 others) and our Principal felt that it was important for staff to celebrate and acknowledge the learning that we as a staff have done and how that has impacted on our students.
So we came up with two questions....
1. What learning have you been most proud of this term?
2. What impact has this had on your students?
We asked all staff to bring on two sticky notes the answers to these two questions. We had drinks and nibbles and shared in a circle - all 4 Prep teachers, 8 Year 1/2 teachers, 8 Year 3/4 teachers, 7 Year 5/6 teachers, 5 specialists and our leadership team bought their sticky notes as prompts and shared.
Each staff member was prepared, shared and spoke from the heart. Our staff cared about the impact of their learning and the effect on students. It was an amazing staff meeting and one that was clear about why we are here!
We also asked for feedback on our two curriculum groups - English and Maths and used a PMI to record this. We will act on this early next term. A PMI is about the positives, negatives and interesting facts.
I do work in what we consider to be a learning community.

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