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Cara at Cara's Creative Playground is hosting a product swap and I have been paired up with Tobi Sadler  to review one of her products. I couldn't decide which one to send her, so we decided to review two. 

These products are suitable if you need to have revision tasks for place value and times tables. 

Guess my Number is $3.00 and is 10 pages long.
Tobi has included instructions and photos to show you how the product is intended to be used. 
You will need a piece of construction paper for each student to glue the tags onto.
There are graphics of  MABs, number words and numeral cards included.
This gives a visual of each number in three ways.

 Students enjoy the interactive nature of the task. They love to guess what the number is.
This is a challenge to think about place value and you can question them about their thinking. 

The second product is 

This product 'Human vs Calculator' is $3.00 in her store.  
Tobi has provide clear instructions and the kids loved being competitive and beating the calculator. 
There is a recording sheet to keep everyone honest.

This task supports group work and working in a group of 3 encourages this. 
I would suggest laminating the cards so you have them for long term use. 
The kids liked the rotating roles and checking who is the winner. 
This is a good task for consolidating times tables.

If you are after a quick task for general review these would be for you. 
They can be repeated regularly and the time taken or the results can be compared for fluency. 

Go to Cara's blog to see what other products have been reviewed. 
You will find my product there. I am not sure if Tobi will review my Goldilocks, please say sorry!  (44pages)

or my People who Work in our Community Pack which is 200 pages

Back to School - 12 Math Tasks

I have just posted this pack and it is 20% off until Monday (just two days)
This is a huge 306 pages as it has colored sections that are followed up by 'save my ink' sections for each and every part.

Make sure you scroll down and see what is in the pack - descriptions and pictures are below. 

Back to School – 12 Math Tasks (K-1)
This pack contains tasks to help assess where each of your students are at the start of the school year for K-1. You will be able to then plan for what they need, depending on what they can show you with these tasks. 

Ten Frames
Color copy and laminate all the cards. Use as flash cards to trust the count and Subitise, Use to make and record number stories 9 = 5+4. These cards are vertical to help prepare for place value and adding to ten 
10 + 9 = 19.

Make a picture
Sequence the boxes in order of the numbers. This will show you a picture of the children who are ready for school. Copy, laminate and cut on the lines. Children will place back in correct order.

Peg my number
Count the objects and place a peg on the correct numeral.

Crayons needed to fit into the box
Sequence the boxes in order of the numbers. Then put the number of crayons needed to match on top of each box.

Which bus has more children?
Set one –0-20, Set Two –0-100. Color copy, laminate and cut. Place the children on the correct side.

Missing Supplies
Color copy and laminate the cards. Place the missing glue stick in the correct spot.

Skip Counting
Color copy and laminate cards A-Z. Display the A-Z cards around the room. Use the recording sheet to write your answer.

Roll and cover
Use a 6 sided dice - roll and cover. There are three additional sets that ask you to +1, +2 and double the number rolled.

Sequence the school supplies
Sequence the supplies - Color copy and laminate. You may use selected cards to sequence or all of them.

How many pencils?
Work out how many pencils. Color copy and laminate, then display around the room. Read the equations and use the pencils like a number line. Record your answer on the answer sheet.

Color copy and laminate. Place the cards in a pile and take one at a time. Work out the answer, you may need to use counters to support some children. Record your answers on the answer sheet.

Time for the lessons to start
Color copy and laminate. One set is o’clock and one set is half past. Spread them out and match the correct labels.

Five for Friday - 25th June

Here are my five randoms for this week

Week Two of Term Three!


Our daughter turned 17 this week and she is the most amazing young lady. She is my travel buddy, my shopping partner and a great person to spend time with. We are so proud of her achievements and we know she will do great things. 


Come on winter - be over!


We have been working hard on our Maths Inquiry Planners. Our kids are loving this approach to Maths and I think we spent about 9 hours on Maths this week looking at currency conversions, 24 hour time in relation to flight departures and arrivals, accommodation prices, holiday bundles, flight details and budgets for food and attractions. 


Some great Aussie bloggers have organised a swap, share, win blog post that will go live this weekend and I can't wait to share the product that I reviewed. 


 I went to a National Maths Conference today and got to hear some inspirational speakers and network with other Maths Leaders.  A great opportunity, I will do a much more detailed blog post early next week. 

Have a great week everyone

Five for Friday - 18th July

This has been a tough week! First week back and so busy.....
Here are my five randoms for this week

Number One has no photo. 
Well there are photos - but none I should share.
I started this week by helping to celebrate a special birthday with a very special person. 
So this week needed to start slowly and now I am fighting a sore throat and sniffles - having my own pity party!!!!


We got a lovely photo in the mail this week. Hasan is a child we sponsor through World Vision. 
We have been sponsoring since the 90's. 
One Christmas when our son was little all he wanted was a cow. Not for himself but for a child overseas and this was when our relationship with World Vision started. Our son still delights over these updates and he is 19!


This week I have been going through the completed Convict File work our grade has done. They are amazing and show great empathy for what life as a convict was all about. 
I have discounted this file by 20% until Monday.



My husband bought me this electric rug. It is winter here and I am nagging kids about shutting doors, leaving the heater on - so he got me this rug and I love it. Having a granny moment....

I have become obsessed with binding the files I make. 
We have a store here in town that places a black back page, clear cover and black wire binding all for about $4 and it just makes my work look super professional. 
These have matt covers on them.

Link for 6 Traits - click here it is 20% off until Monday

Lit Circle pack link - click here it is also 20% off until Monday

Have a great week everyone
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