Sorta sorry!

I have been waiting, waiting, waiting and now it is here!

So this tag needs to go with all photos.....

 I have been a dud on instagram - had an account, had two or three pictures on there but that was it!
So this scavenger hunt came along and I have joined in and I am learning so fast about how to use instagram.
I have some people following me and even liking my posted pics.

What am I sorry for?
Well I am bombarding my account with photos - I am up to 41.
I have roped in my daughter, my friends and my husband has even put on a dress for me!
So until I have 105 photos posted - I am sorry (well sorta), because I really would love to win the camera, plus I am having a giggle along the way taking these funny photos. 

So join in by clicking the images for the scavenger hunt. 
or follow me by searching  #paulas_place

Look out for crazy bloggers with cameras!!!!!!

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