#bloghoppin # scavenger hunt

This post is still needs more work - but here is a start to some of my photos! Check back later for more!

What's it all about?
Keep watching....


  1. The hat kills me! Thank you for playing along!!!

    1. Hi there! I was/am so excited to see your comment on my blog. The scavenger hunt has been lots of fun - my husband has even put on a dress!
      You have been inspirational in my journey with TPT and blogging since i started in November 2012. I live in Australia and would have loved to go to the TPT conference, maybe next year.
      Enjoy the remainder of your summer break and think of us here in winter.
      Thanks again for stopping by my blog.

    2. Yes! Next year for SURE!!!! We had a few blog friends from Australia! My husband has been there a few times, but I, sadly, have not. Some day... some day!

    3. Our Emma and Kim were there and someone had Flat Mel. That was too funny.

  2. I love the sombrero pic! He looks so happy to be helping out! Ha!


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