Adding a pinterest widget

Boy oh boy! Learning about HTML code can do your head in!

I was looking at (well some say stalking) other blogs and saw a fantastic pinterest widget as a header on a blog. 

If you look above this post - you will see a new bar on mine.

I googled - as we do and there were about 40 ways to do this. I had to install, change code and add code. I had to keep checking my actual blog and even though the bar was there and it was my pinterest board, it didn't take people to my board. So a bit more re jigging of code and I actually did it. Only took half an shouldn't be that hard!

But I thought there has to be an easier way - so I kept looking, even though I had I what I wanted. 
I just remember that when I started code was so foreign to me. 
So how many other bloggers are still in that same boat? 

So here is a much easier way to install the bar I now have at the top. 

So here is a much easier way...
Click here to go to this website to add a pinterest widget

Once here - look at the bar on the side and choose which bar you want to have.
Add your pinterest link.
Go through each step and copy the code that it builds for - you do not need to change anything - they do it for you.

Go to your blogger account and template page.

Click on add widget  - see blue part 

Scroll through and find this 

Add your code and save.

I moved the 'add widget' to above the blog post section.

Then clicked 'save arrangement' and bingo all done. It should take less than ten minutes or five if you have copied/pasted code before. 

So now each time I add a pin - people will see it when they visit my blog.
The pins automatically update.

Happy pinning, coding and stalking others!


  1. Great tip - thank you!! A question, as someone who is contemplating entering the blogisphere, why do most teacher-bloggers choose the Blogger platform? Thanks, in advance.

  2. Oh you are a smartie! I will try to add the Pinterest widget to my blog (if I can figure it out)! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Paula. I updated my pinterest button on my blog, but I didn't even know that my blog had its own pinterest page - I thought it was under my name. It's such a learning experience. thanks for the mini=lesson!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Code is a foreign language to me! :)



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