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Cara at Cara's Creative Playground is hosting a product swap and I have been paired up with Tobi Sadler  to review one of her products. I couldn't decide which one to send her, so we decided to review two. 

These products are suitable if you need to have revision tasks for place value and times tables. 

Guess my Number is $3.00 and is 10 pages long.
Tobi has included instructions and photos to show you how the product is intended to be used. 
You will need a piece of construction paper for each student to glue the tags onto.
There are graphics of  MABs, number words and numeral cards included.
This gives a visual of each number in three ways.

 Students enjoy the interactive nature of the task. They love to guess what the number is.
This is a challenge to think about place value and you can question them about their thinking. 

The second product is 

This product 'Human vs Calculator' is $3.00 in her store.  
Tobi has provide clear instructions and the kids loved being competitive and beating the calculator. 
There is a recording sheet to keep everyone honest.

This task supports group work and working in a group of 3 encourages this. 
I would suggest laminating the cards so you have them for long term use. 
The kids liked the rotating roles and checking who is the winner. 
This is a good task for consolidating times tables.

If you are after a quick task for general review these would be for you. 
They can be repeated regularly and the time taken or the results can be compared for fluency. 

Go to Cara's blog to see what other products have been reviewed. 
You will find my product there. I am not sure if Tobi will review my Goldilocks, please say sorry!  (44pages)

or my People who Work in our Community Pack which is 200 pages

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