Five for Friday - 28 June 2014

This week has been a long time coming......
Here are my five randoms for this week

We are on term break here so these really are five randoms......

For us winter break is here! It is wet, it is cold, but is holiday time.

I started to put together some of my phonic work that I have been using over the last 20ish years. 
I wanted to get rid of paper files and put these together and update the work so that it was accessible in digital format. 

I teach them in a specfiic order 

So I am working on 'Rr' and 'Mm' and 'Dd' is done. 
So my next bundle will be ready by the end of tomorrow. 

Last Saturday night a very special young lady had a very special night. We have an event here where you make your debut. It is an old tradition where you get presented with a group of young girls and dress in white and dance alot at a Ball.

My daughter didn't want to make hers - she is the gorgeous girl in black and white. 

I have been best buddies with Courtney's mum since the 80's and our girls are also best friends. It was a great night and dancing to 'Jellybean Addiction' was also a blast.

Don't the young men in the suits look handsome too?


 Ballarat is in real winter mode and I so wish I was back in Singapore. 

I visited my hairdresser this week and went from one block of colour to this. I love it and it goes with my new short hair. Sometimes change is needed and I am so pleased I went for it. 

My holiday job list...

Today, in our state we start a two week break. 

For us it is winter break and the forecast looks terrible.

We have huge winds and rain coming our way. 

So what is on the horizon? This is the first break in a while that we are not traveling anywhere and our plan is to do some stuff around the house. 

I am hoping to get my phonics work completed, do a unit on biological science, finish my 'GOLD' unit and maybe start some of my Nursery Rhyme projects, mmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder how that will go?

Here is my first Phonic Bundle and I have grouped them so that once these 6 letters/sounds are known, you can make many words with them.

S-A-T-P-I-N - how many can you make?

I have put them all in one bundle - click here or on the image below
You can purchase each letter/sound separately. 

You can click on the individual images for individual letter/sound packs

Each set has three posters, a series of sound cards to use for tasks, print and go tasks and a small reader that reinforces sight words as well a the letter/sound.

These are also individual packs, but not yet in bundles

I only have h, r, m, o, u, l, f, j, z, w, v, y, x and qu!

Pinterest - Bloom's verbs

What did we do before Pinterest?
Where did we get our ideas, tasks and support from?
In the endless time we spend searching (often with no clear idea of what we are looking for) we find gems that we pin to our own boards. 

I just love this pin I came across when browsing the other day.

I think Pinterest has made a difference in many classrooms around the world. 

Two for Tuesday #2

This linky is about two products at half price!

I looked at my two best sellers and two most wish listed items. So for 24 hours only they will both be half price.

They are.....

Measure Up K-1, now for $2.00 for 24 hours
25 pages

At the end of the pack are four assessment pages to track your students.
How can we use items to measure objects? B/W and color poster to add to
Measuring my Teddy Bear with a buddy – smaller/bigger
Measuring my Teddy Bear with a buddy – shorter/taller
Which foot is longer – long/longer
Measuring my Teddy with blocks
Measuring my Teddy with paper clips
Sort order of height
Who is taller – me or a buddy
Choose an object to measure – choose correct tool
Measuring objects with paper clips
Measuring objects with blocks
Choose objects to measure paper clips/blocks/bears
Measure distance with feet
Pages for Assessment

This pack contains 53 pages and is Science based, now only $3.00 for 24 hours
Read ‘The Tiny Seed’ Eric Carle to tune your grade into plants and what happens to seeds
Complete a KWHL to see what your students know about plants before you start
A Word Wall set allows you to list words you will need as you proceed through the unit
Boggle – lets the students explore words within words – 4 suggestions in colour and black and white
Hairy Harry – 2 pages of instructions and 7 pages for the diary
Plants – have, need and give
What part of the plant do we eat?
Sequence a plant cycle – 7 pages with different backgrounds to make them easy to sort
What is the purpose of plant parts?
Adding correct labels
Design a plant
Design a recipe
What role does a bird/bee/sun/wind/soil and ran play in the life of a plant?
Compare germination/pollination and deciduous/ evergreen
What grows from seeds?

3 things about me - Monday link up

So this is about three things about me - so here goes!

So - my name is Paula and I am addicted to coffee, clip art, shoes and handbags.

I have so much clip art that I could never use it all. Do I keep buying it - yes!

Coffee - one with breakfast, one when I get to work, one at recess, lunch, after school and when I get home. I cannot and will not drink inferior coffee, instant no way, decaf - are you kidding? It has to be great coffee, life is to short to compromise on this.

Handbags and shoes - well my husband may have to give away all his space in a walk in......

Happy blogging!

Literature Circles - new books

We are in the process of updating our Literature Circle books and that means reading the texts beforehand. 

With a few days to go until winter break, our lovely lady in the library has been shopping and we have grabbed some titles to read. 

These are the two that I scored to read over the break. Stay tuned for how our kids use them and what we think of them. 

One of our new books is 'Crossing' by Catherine Norton - click here to get the first chapter for free 


The blurb says....

My arms are trembling with the tension of the loaded bow.
I can feel Leon standing behind me, watching. Waiting.
‘I dare you,’ he whispers.
Cara has grown up in the shadow of the Wall, in a closed world of food shortages and high security. Her parents are dedicated to their secret work for the government, and it’s only a matter of time before her gifted younger sister follows in their footsteps.
It’s all Cara has ever known, until the summer she meets Ava and Leon. Ava doesn't care about rules. Nothing will ever be the same.

Another new text is 

The blurb says......

Can one person make the world a better place? Or are some things simply too
big for an eleven-year-old boy to solve on his own?

When Jesse decides to help Kate ‘Save the Whales’ he realises that
sometimes, it’s the little things people do that make a difference. Will Hunter,
the school bully, ruin their efforts? Or is there more to Hunter than meets the

Bleakboy and Hunter Stand Out in the Rain is a humorous and inspirational
story about the unlikely friendship between two very different boys and the
power of small gestures.

My new planner

I received this in the mail and I love it to pieces. 
Love it so much I have ordered am 18 month Life Planner to go with it. 
From the packaging to all the bits, it was so exciting to unpack and write in.

I don't use it as a traditional lesson planner, but in the short time I have had it I am so much more organised. 

 I am a digital nut - so to take a step back and use this was a huge change. 
To go to a Life Planner will challenge me but I am guessing keep me on track too. 

I adore the quotes, the calendars, the stickers, the tabs and note pages. 

What is it - you ask? It is an Erin Condren Teacher Planner.

Five for Friday - 20th June 2014

In Australia we have one more week until our term break - winter break. It is cold, wet and certainly inside weather. I am so jealous of our colleagues who are having summer break.

Here are my five randoms for this week

We are on term break here so these really are five randoms......

One of my sisters had a birthday this week. So I had cause to look at some old photos of us when we were kids and take a trip down memory lane. 
I am the eldest, then 12 months later is Leanne, four years later came our brother, David and then nine years later our sister Lesley. 


 Don't you just adore tessellations - our Art teacher did this with our kids. I love seeing what they get up to in Art.

  Best part of starting back to school is wasting time over morning coffee...trying to find the pluses!

Pinterest and coffee helped me get through this week    Koffierecepten   Anything I say or do before I've had my coffee doesn't count!  Come to Bagels and Bites Cafe in Brighton, MI for all of your bagel and coffee needs! Feel free to call (810) 220-2333 or visit our website for more information!
Click the images to go to the source for each one.

  I'd like to argue against it because it makes exercising look too easy and beneficial....but it is too easy and beneficial not to do. Darnit :)

Trying to take better care of myself, so I have bought an exercise bike! Stay tuned for how successful I have been.


I have a Year 5 student who is obsessed with the music from Queen. He has a massive knowledge of song titles and history - gotta love that.

Have a great week
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