Literature Circles - I just love them

This pack has taken me months to put together. I wanted to get my thinking right and ensure that it was right. It has been proofread and posted. I am so happy with it. 

For 24 hours it is 50% and is only $3.00. 
It will revert back to full price this time tomorrow. 

Literature Circles
Introduce a role at a time for a favorite picture story book and discuss the roles and how they might look. When all the roles have been covered give students the opportunity to go back and check each role as needed. Then group your grade so that they have access to a text to share. Timetable each group and give them a timetable so that they know when they are on. Details are in the pack on to how to do this.

This pack contains 95 pages

How to set one up….
It is best to have 5-6 in each group they need a reading session and two sessions to work on their roles before they present to the group.
Each student needs a copy of the text.
As they become more aware of each role, they can devise the timetable and share out these roles.

This pack contains the following roles
Discussion Director
Literary Luminary 
Word Wizard
Travel Tracer
and a Reflection section

Posters for display in your room
Discussion Director, Summariser/summarizer, Literary Luminary, Connector, Researcher, Word Wizard, Illustrator , Travel Tracer and a Reflection section

Interactive Note Pages
First set are cards to cut up and then glue back together. They will give you the title – meaning – role
The second set are for you to add your own information underneath the flaps 

These bookmarks can be copied singly or in sets.
The photos in the pack show a set that have been pasted on card before laminating.
I have them in sets on rings My students use them to help with the roles as they need to.
There are pages that contain spelling for summariser/summarizer. Please check which one you need before printing

Recording Sheets
A4 size
These pages can be used to assist students to record their role.
The cards will assist with time management and role clarity

Recording Booklets
Print and go!
Two options - half page version or full page
Half page version - This will give you two books at a time – copy and staple together and then cut in half.
If you copy them back to back you will have instructions facing the task page.
There are two versions of summariser/summarizer

Happy Literature Circles – you will enjoy the rich conversations 

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