Throwback - like real throwback

Here is a bit of a giggle photo - plus an 'oh my' moment. 

I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune to share a photo of me in about Grade 5. 

The link up is about sharing a photo of yourself at the same age as your current grade you are teaching, plus share the background of the photo.

Well my Mum had a knitting machine....
So Mum is wearing a super cool knitted purple shirt...
My little brother is in a super cool knitted shirt (it had angel fish on it) and knitted shorts.....
My sister and I are wearing identical knitted tops (rabbits were the go) and knitted shorts......
I am just hoping Mum is not wearing knitted long pants!

The real clincher is I am about 11 and my sister is about 10 and we are 

Dad must be taking the photo and I often wonder if Mum knitted him an outfit - hehehehe


  1. So funny! Love how you describe the whole families outfits! I needed a good laugh today! I have 3 boys and I admit I used to dress all 3 of them alike. Finally when my oldest was about 8 he said enough is I figured that way if I lost one and they asked me what he was wearing, I would just show the police one of his brothers..

    Luv My Kinders

  2. Love it Paula! I think I might need to get a knitting machine... :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!


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