My holiday job list...

Today, in our state we start a two week break. 

For us it is winter break and the forecast looks terrible.

We have huge winds and rain coming our way. 

So what is on the horizon? This is the first break in a while that we are not traveling anywhere and our plan is to do some stuff around the house. 

I am hoping to get my phonics work completed, do a unit on biological science, finish my 'GOLD' unit and maybe start some of my Nursery Rhyme projects, mmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder how that will go?

Here is my first Phonic Bundle and I have grouped them so that once these 6 letters/sounds are known, you can make many words with them.

S-A-T-P-I-N - how many can you make?

I have put them all in one bundle - click here or on the image below
You can purchase each letter/sound separately. 

You can click on the individual images for individual letter/sound packs

Each set has three posters, a series of sound cards to use for tasks, print and go tasks and a small reader that reinforces sight words as well a the letter/sound.

These are also individual packs, but not yet in bundles

I only have h, r, m, o, u, l, f, j, z, w, v, y, x and qu!

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  1. These are a ton of activities for each letter. I'll be sure to pass your blog onto my primary friends at school.


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