Two for Tuesday #2

This linky is about two products at half price!

I looked at my two best sellers and two most wish listed items. So for 24 hours only they will both be half price.

They are.....

Measure Up K-1, now for $2.00 for 24 hours
25 pages

At the end of the pack are four assessment pages to track your students.
How can we use items to measure objects? B/W and color poster to add to
Measuring my Teddy Bear with a buddy – smaller/bigger
Measuring my Teddy Bear with a buddy – shorter/taller
Which foot is longer – long/longer
Measuring my Teddy with blocks
Measuring my Teddy with paper clips
Sort order of height
Who is taller – me or a buddy
Choose an object to measure – choose correct tool
Measuring objects with paper clips
Measuring objects with blocks
Choose objects to measure paper clips/blocks/bears
Measure distance with feet
Pages for Assessment

This pack contains 53 pages and is Science based, now only $3.00 for 24 hours
Read ‘The Tiny Seed’ Eric Carle to tune your grade into plants and what happens to seeds
Complete a KWHL to see what your students know about plants before you start
A Word Wall set allows you to list words you will need as you proceed through the unit
Boggle – lets the students explore words within words – 4 suggestions in colour and black and white
Hairy Harry – 2 pages of instructions and 7 pages for the diary
Plants – have, need and give
What part of the plant do we eat?
Sequence a plant cycle – 7 pages with different backgrounds to make them easy to sort
What is the purpose of plant parts?
Adding correct labels
Design a plant
Design a recipe
What role does a bird/bee/sun/wind/soil and ran play in the life of a plant?
Compare germination/pollination and deciduous/ evergreen
What grows from seeds?

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  1. Your Measure Up packet looks like a lot of fun! This summer bloggin' linky is much fun!



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