Leap Year 2016

It happens once every four years unless it is a century that is divisible by 400!

Say what?

This pack will help explain this for you.
The powerpoint shares what is a leap year/leap day, how we add a day and why, how some cultures managed this and how long the Egyptians have known about this.

Happy Leap Day

Times Tables pack

This is my new approach to working on tables with my students.

They self monitor and work on tables in Math time. 

When they feel that they are ready - I use the recording sheet to test them. 

If they get 100% on one times table they add their name to the number.


Five for Friday - 5th February


I'm back at work and haven't had a chance to blog for ages!
Here are my five randoms for this week


Day One and swimming started at school.


Getting to know my new group of kids...

Sometimes we take part surroundings for granted - this is part of our school library. 

My current project is about making goals easier to track - stay tuned...

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