It has always amused me how we react to reports. 

I am usually one of those teachers who has them done well in advance - not too much in advance, as they are out of date the moment you write them. That is the frustrating part for me.

So all semester, we gather data and yet there are teachers who scramble to look for it and even do the data thing!

There are some that just panic - I know this is harsh, but it is part of our job twice a year here in Australia. 
So we just need to get on with it.

This year (I still have almost two weeks to go before I need them done) I have
- cleaned the fridge, the freezer, the microwave
- emptied all the cupboards in the kitchen and did a spring clean
- tidied up the front and back garden
- thrown out clothes, shoes and bags in the walk in robe
- our house is the tidiest it has been in a while

So a stern talk to myself and yesterday I bunkered down and all weekend I have spent on my laptop writing my comments and cross checking progression points. 

I am finished my first draft. I will print them off tomorrow and get my husband to proof read and then make changes - final upload and then wait to get them back from the Principal signed........

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  1. Well done on getting them done so early if you still have two weeks to go! I am very much a sticky note, Australian Curriculum out, work samples all over the place kind of person. At the end of the day, I type and write what I know in my head and it is usually everything that the data tells me anyway!

    Enjoy your Sunday night - Monday again soon.....



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