Making Sense of Percent

Percentages – Making Sense of Percent
29 pages

Read through the weekly planner to know what the relationship is between the different parts of the lesson and the resources. 

There are references to Australian Curriculum – but if you are working on percentages this is the unit for you!

‘I can’ cards (copy and laminate) – use as a reference for the week. These are the inspiration for writing negotiated goals for individual goals 
- Jigfits x 3. Print, laminate and cut along lines. Use these with individuals for support and focus teaching as well as a group task. Start with the centre piece – you know it is the centre because it has 4 prompts
- Print Think boards – one for each student. There is an example to show you how to fill one out
- Conversion cards – print and laminate. These can be used as memory cards or as the plan suggests – three printing options. The black and white version can be printed on coloured card.
- Number line to show decimals, percentages, Copy in black and white
- Match and answer discussion sheets – copy in either colour or black & white
- Worksheet to show what you know about percentages – use as a guide to present to the grade 

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