Pancake Day

Pancake Day has snuck up on me! It is this Tuesday - like in two days time...
I knew it was a short term, Easter will be here before we know it, (my daughter and I are off to Ubud in Bali at Easter, so fully aware of how many weeks until break) but seriously Pancake Day this week?

I have uploaded my work on Pancake Day and I have taken into account that my Preps are actually not with me on Tuesday. Work on special days needs to realistic.

I am not sure if I have blogged about my other roles in the school this year. I share the teaching space as you know with three other prep grades - so there are four grades in our open space. In addition to this Kate is my teaching buddy, her and I are a team. Kate has our grade on Tuesdays so that I am released to coach other teachers in our school. I coach our Prep team while we are in the space as well as teach. 

We have three other coaches in the school. Our school sees this as a priority and has worked out our workforce management plan accordingly. So on Tuesdays I also coach the coaches. But I digress.....
So this week - Chinese New Year, Pancake Day, Stop Work and Valentines Day. Wow Friday is looking like weeks away.

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