Monday Maths Madness

Regular readers of my blog will know that our Preps are in a shared space. We have 85 preps in a massive space with 4 teachers. On Monday, Chrissy and Pascale have two hours together to plan our Literacy for a week for our space and Jan and I plan on Thursday for two hours for Maths for the week.
Chrissy and I team teach and Jan and Pascale team teach.
So when planning happens we team teach with our planning buddy. Bit tricky to follow but we know what we are doing. So today Jan and I team teach Maths and do rotations which allows us to assess and ask questions about maths thinking. This helps us plan for point of need on Thursday for our team. These are some of our tasks.
- counting beads to 120
- using dot cards to write about collections, this is great for numeral formation
- rolling dice and recording numerals and collections
- writing numerals correctly
- dinosaur dots for matching collections to 6
- I didn't take photos but we also did a mushroom tasks for numerals to 20 with a 20 sided dice
- we also sequenced numerals to 20 and added collections
Not only was this great for Jan and I collecting information about our kids, but we also get to team teach!

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