Johnny Appleseed

I have spent the last few days revising our Johnny Appleseed work.

If you already own the bundle - you will get the extra 20 pages for free!
I have also reduced the amount of color copying - a great save for you.

Johnny Appleseed – Bundle Reading, Writing and Math Tasks 
103 pages 
This pack has been updated to include extra tasks for Writing and Math – please re download if you already own this pack. There are an extra 20+ pages! 

Johnny Appleseed – Reading and Writing Tasks 
28 pages
This Johnny Appleseed – Reading and Writing Pack contains notes to give you background about Johnny Appleseed. If you own the Johnny Appleseed Bundle you already own this pack. The tasks include the following - 
1. Describe Johnny Appleseed – Make sure you can back up what you write 
2. PMI – The Positive, the Minus (or problems) and the interesting facts about Johnny Appleseed 
3. Alphabet Key – add words or phrases about apples and Johnny Appleseed 
4. I see, I think, I wonder – fill this in while reading about Johnny Appleseed 
5. Fact chart – after reading record some facts 
6. Johnny Appleseed 3-2-1 – what facts, opinions and questions do you have? 
7. Parts of an apple - label 
8. Describe an apple – taste, sight, touch… 
9. Compare and Contrast- three options (orange, pear and strawberry) 
10. What else grows from seeds? 
11. How to make Applesauce – create a recipe 
12. What does an Apple Blossom do? 
13. Johnny Appleseed retell 
14. Apple pie makes me feel … 
15. List of words that have an Aa 
16. Boggle – Johnny Appleseed 
17. What do we use apples for?

Johnny Appleseed Math Pack 
75 pages 
This Johnny Appleseed Math Pack will motivate and involve your students in exploring numbers. This pack provided some history notes giving you some background about Johnny Appleseed. 
If you own the Johnny Appleseed Bundle for English and Math you already own this updated pack. The Math tasks are as follows 
1. Ten Frame 
2. Counting Picture puzzles- Work out the counting pattern and complete by making the picture 
3. Print and go - How many seeds? Roll and Color and Graph your grade’s apple picks 
4. Count the apples - Match Apples to numeral and word 
5. Apple Patterns to follow and make 
6. Count and peg the correct number of apples 
7. Roll and cover tasks +1, +2 and doubles and three options for each set 
8. What number is missing? Place Johnny in the middle to show the missing number 
9. Which is More or Less? 
10. Counting patterns- use the recording sheet to show the missing number.

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