This October - Writing Prompts is part of a Writing Prompts for all Year and will be all you need for the whole year for writing. 

 You will make a huge saving as each pack is $6.00 - $10.00 depending on which month – the bundle is only $55.00. 

 This October - Writing Prompts pack contains the following topics 
International Coffee Day 
National Anti-Bullying 
Space Week 
Columbus Day 
Chemistry Week 
United Nations Day 
Diwali National 
Chocolate Day 
National Cat Day 

 Each topic has the following pages 
- Word Splash for words or phrases on the topic 
- Parts of speech, record the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs we can use for this topic 
- KWHL – what do we know, what to know, where might we find the Informational, new learning 
- Roll and Write 
- Recount topic 
- Informational prompt 
- Different lines for different writer’s needs 
- Adding a craftivity or topper 
- At the end of the pack there are pages for the following 
 - Recount planner 
- Narrative Planner 
- Informational Report Planner 
 - Procedure Planner 
- different lined pages to use

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