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What do all these bloggers have in common?

Kimberley from Fullbright Hugs 

Kayla from Texas Teaching Fanatic

Jane from Learning in the Little Apple

They have all nominated me for a a "SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD" this week

It is about bringing sunshine through blogging - what a cute idea.

So first here are 11 random facts about me
1. I regularly have manicures and pedicures
2. I never drink instant coffee - life is too short
3. I do not like cat or dogs, but can handle a snake
4. I am addicted to Melonheadz clipart
5. I hate cooking, my husband cooks more than I do. But I love cooking complicated things on the weekend
6. My love of music is eclectic and I love musicals. My daughter and I go to many in Melbourne
7. You can never have enough shoes or handbags
8. I am a little OCD about how things are done in my classroom like my notes, planning and my stuff
9. I love anything Clinique
10. I have finally come to terms with my curly hair
11. I cannot have enough stationary

So please stay with me while I answer the questions I have been asked............

 I need to answer 11 questions from Kimberley - so here they are

1.  If you were the principal of your school, what is one change you would make and why? This is a tough one for me, as I am part of leadership and our Principal works as part of a team. So on this on – I wouldn't change anything. Maybe some of our teachers might think differently.

2. What is your favorite teaching tool in your classroom? This would have to be my Daily 5 drawers and the drawers I use for Maths. I think you call them core drawers.

3. Tell about one student that holds a special place in your heart (I know we love them all, but choose one). 
A long time ago I taught a boy called Mark. He was my first severe asthmatic and allergy kid. My first epipen student and he was an absolute delight to work with and had his ‘illnesses’ in perspective.

4. What is your hobby? What – apart from blogging, creating for TPT and Pinterest surfing??????
Okay then it would have to be overseas travel.

5. What do you feel is your strength in the classroom? I have had extensive training in Maths and I often get boxed into this – but my real strength is teaching reading and writing.

6. What do you feel is your weakest area in the classroom? Physical Education – I am not built for speed!

7. What would be your one piece of advice for a beginning teacher? Be kind to yourself and take on one thing at a time and get it right, then take on something else.

8. Why did you become a teacher? I had four teachers in Year 6 and didn't want others to have a crappy year at school. I have wanted to be a teacher ever since then.

9.  What is one thing you would change about the educational system today?  Funding!!!!!!!!

10. What do you hope to accomplish this coming summer? Here in Australia over our winter break (because we are opposite to the USA) I want to complete some TPT projects and spend time in our neglected garden.

11. What is something you have too much/many of (in other words, what do you hoard)? Stationary and clipart (from Melonheadz)

Kayla's questions are 
1.     Where are you from? Australia - Victoria – Ballarat

2.     What is your favorite animal? Giraffes, I know this will make some people think differently about me, but I am not a pet person

3.     What is your favorite thing about teaching? Seeing that ah-hah moment when a child gets it

4.     What is your favorite children’s book? Possum Magic by Mem Fox

5.     Why do you blog? Initially to record what I do, now it is about sharing what I do and getting feedback to make me a better teacher 

6.     Who do you look up to? My younger sister - she has had to deal with things that no one should have to and she just keeps going everyday and has a smile on her face everyday

7.     When did you become a teacher? This one dates me - 1985 (shh I am fifty next month)

8.     Would you rather: Have a side soup or a side salad? A no brainer, def soup

9.     If you could click your heels together and be anywhere, where would it be? Back in Fiji

10. What is your favorite quote? You don't know what you don't know

11. If you could read minds, whose mind would you love to read? My 18 year old son's

Jane's questions are 

     1. What's your favorite snack food? Dip and bagel chips

    2.What was your favorite class in college? Art

    3. Is anyone else in your family a teacher? My husband is a Principal

    4. Would you change the length of the school day if you could? How? Not in primary, secondary maybe starting later to cater for teenagers better

    5. Do you eat lunch in the teacher's lounge or somewhere else? Most times at my desk while correcting or on the run or after school!

    6. What's your favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning? Replying to blog comments while my teenagers sleep

    7.Do you have a nickname? No not really, my parents call me Poll - short for Paula I suppose

    8. What's the last thing you bought at a store? Baby clothes for friends who have just had babies

    9.Have you ever met a celebrity? Who? Last month I met three other Aussie bloggers and they are super stars in my mind

    10. Would you change your birthday month? If so, to what? No, I love April - here it is neither hot or cold, just right

    11. What is the most important tip you would provide to others who blog? Plan out your blogs and don't just self-promote products. Develop a philosophy and stick to it - your readers will appreciate you more

Now I am nominating 11 bloggers
5. Magic Mistakes and Mayhem
6. Coffee. Kids and Compulsive Lists
7. Ladybugs Teacher Files
8. The tattooed teacher
9. Mrs Laffin's Laughings
10. A Teeny Tiny Teacher
11. I'm Lovin Lit

Their 11 questions are.....
1. What is the best part of your day?
2. Is their a child who you remember most? Why?
3. Have you taught at the same school or moved around?
4. Your fav thing to teach is......?
5. A teacher you had that stuck in your head and why?
6. What has been the most important PD you have ever gone to?
7. What is challenging about what we do?
8. Do you have a blog plan?
9. What started you blogging?
10. What is your fav time of the year? Why?
11. Do you cart things home only to cart them back without looking at them?

Phew - done!


  1. Oh I have to meet you Paula Shaw. You are hilarious and I loved getting to know you a little better. Have a great week.
    Julie :)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage


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