Werribee Zoo - At last!

After having had to postpone our first visit to Werribee Zoo last term due to bad weather we finally got to go last week minus me! I had torn a few ligaments in my foot and couldn't get around. But Claire, who I team teach with, and Olivia who replaced me took some great photos. The kids got to check out what they had learnt about animals and habitats. Thanks to the lovely mums that went as well. From the great writing the safari bus was the favourite of the day.

Work on Writing
We did a whole class focus on recounts and wrote a piece for our portfolios. In Daily 5 "Work on Writing" children decide what they wish to write about and many have written about the excursion. 

When walking around the zoo the children saw gorillas, lions, hippopotamus', meerkats and on the Safari Bus they saw giraffes, zebras and camels.

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