Where does Cafe Literacy sit?

How do you manage Daily 5 and Cafe Literacy? Leave a comment, question or follow my blog - love to hear from you.....

Cafe Literacy sits underneath and alongside Daily 5. Daily 5 gives us the structure to have five tasks that students move through to make the most of their learning while we provide the teaching strategies to make everything explicit.
The ready reference guides within Cafe Literacy provide support for teachers to explicitly teach and look for misconceptions for each strategy. Check out the http://www.the2sisters.com/ where you can access these.
CAFE - which stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Extending Vocabulary. These four components enable rigour to occur in our lessons. In our double teaching space these are the focus for our Learning Intention and help frame our Success Criteria. Our Preps are now assisting with the formation of these and we discuss then as a whole grade.

This photo shows our Cafe Literacy strategies hanging in our space. We add a strategy after we have explicitly taught it and role played, modelled and revisited what it looks like and why we use it. We often have children standing underneath it looking for help on how to handle a word or how to be more accurate or show greater comprehension.

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