Art Show for MoneySmart

What a raging success! We all produced an art piece and had it displayed in our Art Show.
We have been trialling MoneySmart and how to fundraise. We decided to fundraise for our Art Room and it seemed logical to have an Art Show.
We made posters, invitations and publicised in our newsletter. Pictures were priced at a gold coin donation and we have raised $119. Our Preps were excited to count the money using skip counting and were keen to do clever counting.
We have learnt about how we fundraise, what we do when we fundraise, what is a worthy cause and what happens to the money. In this learnng journey we looked at paid and unpaid work as well. Tomorrow we present to the school community what we have done and can celebrate our success.
We made our parents giggle when we collected the money in our toy cash registers.

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