My new fav book

I have a new fav book as my go to resource for all things 'Daily 5'

I have had this book for a few months and have been busy comparing it to my old one and cross referencing and reflecting and sorting out my thoughts. 

When I ordered it I also got a digital version through Stenhouse for free. 
So - I have a copy on the go too.

The impact for me is less rigour about each task each day. We negotiate the tasks according to a focus or goal. This actually makes sense to me when we talk about best fit and working on differentiation. 

What it has made me think about, is the approach for great spellers and doing 'word work' for half an hour everyday. We negotiate and do about an hour a week. 

In our older grades we have had discussions around what this looks like in terms of 'listening to reading' and have incorporated our class novels, literature circles as well as Oxford Owl. 

There is a section on Math and while I see Daily 5 has rigour because of Cafe - I'm yet to be convinced about the Math part. But as you all know I am a bit biased about iSURF Maths and the proficiencies that sit with maths understanding. 

The beliefs and principles have changed to
Trust and Respect
Brain Research
Brain and Body Breaks
10 Steps to Independence

trusting students
providing choice
nurturing community
creating a sense of urgency
building stamina
staying out of the way

I would love to know your thoughts on this new version. 

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