fourteen in 14

My favorite quote is on my teacher planner... by Alexandra K.Trenfor

credit for photo

Do shoes and handbags count?
I have a serious issue with Vans and Guess bags
I have about 5 plain color Van and I cannot count my bags as I would have to be taken away for serious therapy!

April Showers Shoulder Bag 5 Colors Embossed Women Handbag Satchel NWT VG453105

Oh no - this is embarrassing 

Mitchell Harris is a local wine bar and the wine is great and the food amazing. 
Bit personal - but leg waxing! No picture here......move on 
My first Erin Condren Teacher Planner

so I ordered a Life Planner too

Uluwatu, Bali.  And Allah has truly blessed His servants with the bounty and beauty of His creation.............

I love Bali and saw this on pinterest and just had to go and see it

Printing on sticky notes is the one I would choose

This would be my blog and what I have achieved through TPT. I have 'met' so many wonderful teachers from around the world. Some I have actually met.

This photo is almost 4 years old - it is my daughter and I in Bali. We have travelled to Bali twice, Kuala Lumpur twice, Fiji and Singapore. 
Hard to name just one.
Working with a great team this year

My husbands first overseas trip and how relaxed he was

but getting away with Tony to Tasmania this year. Our first time away from our kids in almost 20 years. 

To continue to watch my health and take better care of myself.
Still have about 10 kilos to go.....

May we all have just enough of everything! Enough love, patience, respect and stamina!

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