ANZAC Day - Year 3/4 pack

Introducing my ANZAC Day  Pack for Year 3/4 it contains 72 pages

If there are colour pages - they are also in black and white so you can save on ink.

This is a huge part of our Australian and New Zealand shared history. It is a huge responsibility to make sure we engage our students in this recognition and commemoration of this event. This pack will assist in building their knowledge and understanding of the sacrifices that have been made.

It has the following tasks....

Word Wall – brainstorm words with your students and record them on the colour or black or white versions. Use these words to add to your writing sessions.

Adjectives - Brainstorm with your grade words to use as adjectives to describe each photo. Then use to write a sentence about the photo.  Edit, refine and then publish.

Symbols – Read the information provided on Slouch hat, Wreath, Last Post, Medals, Poppies and answer the questions

Reading tasks - What is ANZAC Day? ‘The Ode’ ‘Flanders Fields’, War Memorials. Read the information and answer the questions

Interview - If you could interview a ‘digger’ what would you ask? Record on the template provided.

Personality traits of a digger

Word find – locate and colour the words found

Mapping - Locate Australia, New Zealand, Turkey – locate and colour

ANZAC Biscuits - History of ANZAC biscuits. A recipe to make this biscuits and a recount template

I have also found some more of my ANZAC books - see my last post for others...



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