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Christmas Day has been and gone and I hope you all had a lovely day. This year we had a quiet Christmas Day with just the four of us. 

I cannot believe that the new year is just around the corner!

I have two packs for New Year that your kids will love and you can just print and go!

This first pack will be able to used until 2020. Then I will add more pages for you. 

There are 8 tasks to choose from. 
The first 7 tasks will make your students think about their achievements for the New Year. 

Reflection for last year - This page will help to record three highlights for last year. You can then celebrate these milestones and build on them for the New Year.

Pennants for display - Color and display. The first pennant can be copied and glued on the back of each one for each student.

All about Me poster - There are two versions containing spelling for favourite/favorite, colour/color. Add the information and then display or place into a class book to help to get to know one another.

Interactive note pages with 6 different fonts - Record what you: would like to be, what you would like to be able to do, would like to do and what you would like to see happen this year.

Mobile cards for display - Each child is to fill out either the color version or the black/white version. Then cut out each rectangle – use string to attach them together and hang in the classroom.

Goal Book - Copy one for each child and brainstorm the information before they record in their own booklet.

Countdown Book - Copy and staple where the staple marks are. Cut in half to make two books. On each page record goals for last year with Number One being the most important.

Autographs - Have a go at writing your autograph and collecting those of your classmates. Do this task at the end of the year again and compare signatures.

This pack is for K-1 and you may like to laminate some of the tasks so that you have them ready for next year!

New Year’s Eve Unit

Mathematics Tasks

Arrange numbers 0-12 forward and backward

Make a clock

Put times in sequence from 1pm to midnight.

Match analogue to digital times

Sequence tasks we might do on New Year’s Eve

Complete an Alphabet Key

English Tasks

Record New Year’s Resolutions

Make a Shopping List for a party

Invitation to a party

Recount tasks 

Happy New Year everyone - be safe, have fun and enjoy...

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