Pilgrims - Chores Now and Then

Looking back into history - there is always more than one side to tell.

This pack - doesn't go into whether the Pilgrims were right or wrong! 
What it does do, is look at the types of chores the children of Pilgrims had. 

Pilgrims – Chores Now and Then 
49 pages 

Pilgrims – Chores Now and Then is a pack that provides a small reader (2 options), and lots of supporting tasks to improve literacy. 

 Your students will love learning about the chores that Pilgrim children did every day. 

Discover what the Pilgrims did as chores and how their lives were very different from ours. 

 A Little Reader - Print and go! 
 Language Vocabulary Cards 
English Tasks - KWL 
Four chores for the day Beginning middle and end of day chores 
 A Pilgrim’s Day 
Word Splash INB 
A Day on the Life of a Pilgrim 
A Pilgrim is-has-can 
Text Connections Compare the chores 
Pilgrim Chores – draw and write 
Make a list of chores 
Recount a day of chores 
Compare then and now 
Questions about chores 
I see, I think, I wonder

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