Earth Day - April 22

Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd April around the world.

I have prepared a PowerPoint to share with your grade that explains what it is all about.

Earth Day PowerPoint and Tasks 
16 pages

This pack includes a PowerPoint to share with your grade. There are facts to discuss and prompts to complete. Included are templates for recording answers and completing tasks. 

Tasks include 
- Which countries celebrate Earth Day?
- Facts about the men behind Earth Day
- What does the Earth Day Flag look like?
- How can we save our Earth?
- What is your plan of action for saving energy and resources for future generations?

This next pack is my Earth Day – Reading and Writing K-1 Pack
52 pages

This pack is aligned to the USA CCSS and Aus Curriculum

Please download the preview to see pictures of what is contained in this pack.

Word Wall – color copy and display. As a grade add to this throughout the unit. Students can see the words and use them in writing and in extending vocabulary tasks.

Emergent Reader – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Use the color cover and b/w. You may copy back to back and staple the pages together. As the children read the text, add color to the pictures. Use to reread each day. 

3R’s Jack Johnson – the lyrics are here to read on a poster. Record how the song makes you feel and then write your own verse to share
I love my planet because… two formats. One allows the students to add their own picture
My Earth – ways I can save my home … two formats. One allows the students to add their own picture
Use the tub pictures to record what you can Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
What can be recycled? Add your thoughts in the circles and discuss with others
Interactive Notebook page for - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Mind Map for Reuse, Recycle
Collage of items for Recycling
Persuasive Plan for the need to recycle, plus writing page
Persuasive Plan for we need to plant more trees, plus writing page
Earth Day – How can we promote this?
Earth Day – My Footprint
Yellow and Black Hat thinking for compost
Earth Day – Acrostic Poem
Earth Day – Wordfind
Fact and Opinion – 20 cards to sort under these headings

Or you can get them in a bundle...

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