Kwanzaa Pack


47 pages

Kwanzaa is a celebration of African-American culture through community, family, justice and nature. It’s a celebration of unity and ancestry. In Swahili is means the first fruits of the harvest. This pack will give you an understanding of the importance of traditions and community. 

The pack includes - 
• Background information – includes What is it?
• How is it celebrated? Each day, symbols, feast and craft
• Suggested books to read 
• A Reader – to share before the following tasks 
• Concept Wheel – what do you know?
• Research Kwanzaa food
• Purpose of the candles 
• Ordinals for lighting candles 
• Candles in a Kinara – paper chipping
• Make a banner and a template to make your own banner
• How to make a woven mat with instructions and photos
• Day organizers – what is the candle being lit and what is the significance? There are two sets of tasks. One has colour and one contains color spelling.  

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