40 Christmas Writing tasks

Thanks for all the visits to my TPT store in the last few days. 
Teachers have been checking out my 

I so love Christmas! So I have been getting ready for all you early planners. 
I have put together 40 writing tasks to keep you on your toes.
This project has been one of my favorites and I can't wait to use the tasks with my own grade. 
Our 'work on writing' time will be full of fun while the students will be learning. 




This pack contains 62 pages
1.     Christmas word wall  as a grade brainstorm words and add to them over time to support the 
writing for all students
2.    A-Z key  record what you know about Christmas. Come back to this at the end to add any 
new learning, use a different color to do this
3.    Reasons why I love Christmas
4.    List stocking fillers
5.    Christmas in Paradise  Summer/Winter Venn Diagram in color and b/w
6.     My Christmas wish list
7.     A letter to Santa  I haven’t always been good
8.     A letter to Santa  I think I have been good
9.    A thank you letter to Santa
10.   Food we leave out  list and draw
11.    My note to leave with the food for Santa
12.  How to pick a great tree
13.   Who do you give presents to?
14.   A tale of two naughty elves  a planning page, an illustration and writing page and 
an additional writing page
15.   Christmas in Paradise  color writing stimulus and a planning page, an illustration and 
writing page and an additional writing page (summer)
16.   Christmas in Paradise  color writing stimulus and a planning page, an illustration and 
writing page and an additional writing page (winter)
17.   Label Santa’s outfit
18.   Design a new Santa outfit
19.   Santa is-can-has
20. Reindeer are-can-have
21.  An Elf is-can-has
22. Food we eat on Christmas Day
23. Design a new toy
24. Evaluate a toy for Santa
25. Santa dropped off the wrong presents  a narrative  a planning page, an illustration and writing page 
and an additional writing page
26. What could be in this present?
27. What is the best gift of all?
28. Draw and label your favourite/favorite decorations (two pages with different spelling)
29. Review a Christmas Book and convince someone else to read it
30.  Santa got stuck in the chimney
31.   Application to be an elf
32. Reindeer Application
33.  Best Christmas ever  recount
34.  A week in the life of an elf
35.  A reindeer scared of heights
36.  Procedure  how to wrap a present
37.  Describe a reindeer
38.  Research and write some Christmas jokes
39.  An Acrostic Poem
40.  Where do you spend Christmas?

Happy Writing.......

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