Do you do transition?

Tomorrow begins the new round of transition days for our next years' Prep kids. These will be our new 5 year olds who will start school next year. We will have 79 come and visit us and they will start in the New Year. In Australia our school year goes from January to December. 

They will come for an hour for a Maths task and then next week an hour for an English task.
Then they will come for a half day to spend it with their teacher for next year and the kids they will spend a whole year learning with. 

I look back at last year's group and remember the excitement, nerves and expectations that they had, we had and that their parents had. It is such an important stage of learning and they learn so much in a short space of time. 

Tomorrow is also my first day back after two and half weeks off to be at home with my own kids.
So tomorrow is huge day.

These two photos are from last year. We use them in their portfolios as the first page to showcase learning over the year.

Sorry - I needed to hide their gorgeous faces.

I cannot believe that my group have only 4 and a bit weeks left before they are no longer my Preps but someone else's Year Ones.

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