Homophones or Homonyms?

Homophones or Homonyms? Just for two days it is on sale!

This pack will assist in choosing the correct spelling of a word when needed in writing. It will extend vocabulary and a love of language and how to use it correctly.

This pack contains 106 pages

Make a List – print and go. Find out the difference between homophones and homonyms.

Posters for display or sorting tasks for homophones and homonyms. There are two versions – one is color and ready for display. The second set is print and go, your students could color them before they display them. They could be used to sort into homophones or homonyms.

Interactive Note pages –  On the top of the flap draw an illustration. Under each flap write the correct meaning. There is a spare for your own words if you wish to add more.

Jigsaw Task - Each page contains four sets of words. Each set includes two pictures and the word or words needed to match them up. Copy and then cut them up. You may choose to laminate for long term use. Students match them up as an individual task or with a partner. There is a spare page to add your own or let students add to the task.

Homonym Booklet – This is for words that are spelt the same and mean different things. Copy the booklets and staple on the staple marks. Then cut in half to make two books. You can use this to motivate students to write their own Homophone Book for words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings. For students to use a reader or motivation to make your own for Homophones.

Word tasks – Print and go. Focus on words – give definitions, choose the correct word and write your own sentences.

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