Skip Counting by 10s

Skip Counting by 10s
107 pages

Skip Counting by 10s is a necessary skill in basic number sense. Use these centers and printables to consolidate these skills. Counting by tens supports place value concepts too.
Tasks include -
• Students place cards in a sequence and then place the correct number underneath.
• Fix the puzzles – count by tens to put the picture back together.
• Cut and glue – place the numbers in the correct sequence.
• Sequence the bundling sticks and then match the correct number.
• Missing bundling sticks – find the missing card by counting by 10.
• Bundling sticks in 4 sets. Sequence them and then match to the correct number.
• Adding and subtracting cards by 10. Draw cards one at a time, work out the answer and the winner who has the most cards at the end.
• Skip counting ice cream flavours.
• Number scrolls counting by 10s from a given starting point. 
• Assessment – student and teacher pages 

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