World Environment Day - June 5th

World Environment Day
26 pages

This World Environment Day PowerPoint is designed to share why and how we celebrate and acknowledge World Environment Day. 

Share the PowerPoint and encourage discussion about the content and what we can do to make our planet the best place we can make it. There are recording templates to support the Powerpoint contained in the zip file.

These recording templates support the Powerpoint contained in the zip file.
• What do we need keep doing and what can we stop doing to make our planet a better place to be?
• Record words to describe World Environment Day
• Plus, minus and interesting ideas about our planet
• Alphabet Key – Our Planet
• What I see, I think and I wonder abut out planet
• Environment Day Fact Chart
• World Environment Day 3 facts, 2 opinions and 1 question I have
• Compare and contrast our world 50 years ago and today
• Convince your grade to look after our planet. 

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